Max Verstappen After Winning Canada GP
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Max Verstappen proved again why he is still the most dominant racer in F1 right now. Even when he did not win the pole position in Montreal after coming off a loss in Monaco, he just didn’t give up. That’s what separates him from the rest of the drivers in the current generation. He is a different beast altogether. Clearly, Red Bull is not enjoying the pleasure of an RB19-like car. Last year, they won 21 out of 22 races overall, and one race in Imola was cancelled due to a flood. Max Verstappen had his career-best season in 2023, as he went on to win an incredible 19 races.

He broke his own record from the previous year when he had won 15 races. Coming to 2024, the Dutch racer has already won five races over eight rounds. There were a lot of questions regarding why Max has not been as dominant as he was in the last year. He lost in Miami and then in Monaco. Previously, he lost in Australia. Nonetheless, Max Verstappen believes the team can enhance the RB20’s performance. They just need to solve certain issues.


Max Verstappen Is Confident That The Team Can Overcome Car Issues

Max Verstappen

Inherently, Red Bull was facing issues with kerb riding ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix. But Max Verstappen displayed excellent skills in wet and difficult conditions to get his 60th career win and his third win in Canada in a row. Since 2022, no driver managed to beat Max in Montreal. But it was there for every fan to see that Red Bull was struggling with kerb riding issues even in the Monaco Grand Prix. That’s why the reigning champion failed to get a podium finish in Monaco. Later, in the post-race interview in Montreal, the Dutch racer mentioned the team was working “Flat out” to fix the issue with kerb riding since Monaco.

In the post-race press conference, Max Verstappen said that he hopes that they can solve the problem without influencing any other part of the RB20 car. They are trying to fix it because they know it is their weakness. Moreover, Max says this weakness is limiting their performance on the track at present. Anyway, Verstappen knows there will be some tracks in the following races where they won’t need to worry about kerbs and bumps. He will be looking forward to racing on those tracks. Moreover, Max Verstappen points out that some circuits suit some team more than others. That way, the reigning champion feels the competition gets even more exciting.

Other Teams Are Gradually Catching Up With Red Bull

Red Bull RB19 Max Verstappen Sergio Perez
Red Bull RB19 Max Verstappen Sergio Perez Source: Sky Sports

In the post-race press conference, Max Verstappen mentioned that he knew he had to “Score big” because his teammate Sergio Perez was starting far back in the grid. He added that albeit he had to score big, there was one thing that did not make him worry too much. As long as he wins he will score 25 points, and other teams will finish in P2 or P3.

Hence, Verstappen says, “Then, you don’t really lose a lot.” Moreover, Max feels the kind of position Red Bull is in right now, they can afford “Sometimes, these one-offs.” However, he knows it is always favorable when both teams’ cars end up at the top. That’s how they can solidify their place at the top and not let others close the gap. 

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