Martin Brundle Max Verstappen
Martin Brundle Max Verstappen Source: RacingNews365

Max Verstappen is clearly the most dominant driver in modern times. He has won 44 races in the last three F1 seasons. It is quite unprecedented. There have been many greats in F1 who dominated the tracks at specific periods of the sport. But none like the Dutch driver and what he has been able to achieve in the last three years. Before Max burst onto the scene in the history of Dutch F1 drivers, Jos Verstappen was the most successful driver ever. Jos raced in over 100 Grand Prix in his career. But what his son has achieved is something only drivers can dream of.

The 26-year-old Dutchman has won three titles already. All he wants to do is win as many races as possible. But he has always been pretty frank about his plans in F1. Moreover, the Dutchman’s candidness is something that people can appreciate. However, F1 pundit Martin Brundle feels Max Verstappen can tone it down a notch. The Sky Sports expert mentioned in his column that Max can try to adopt diplomacy in certain situations that can be great for the legacy he’ll leave behind.


Former F1 Driver Advises Max Verstappen To Be A Little Diplomatic

Martin Brundle Max Verstappen
Martin Brundle Max Verstappen Source: PlanetF1

Max Verstappen was open about his dislike toward the Las Vegas Grand Prix. He called the whole event, “99% show and 1% sport.” Moreover, Max added that during the pre-race introductions, the drivers looked like “Clowns.” Hence, what Martin Brundle is trying to point out might make sense. The F1 pundit also said he loves the personality of Verstappen. He explained that it’s refreshing to interview Max and chat with him in the paddock. Max Verstappen always speaks his mind, and “What you see is what you get.”

Moreover, Verstappen has been honest about not caring what others think about him. But as guardians of the sport, Martin Brundle feels a little diplomacy for Max would not hurt him. Recently, in an interview with, Max Verstappen mentioned that he got emotional during the final lap of the Abu Dhabi GP, thinking that he wouldn’t get to drive RB19 again. After all, Max Verstappen won 19 races driving RB19. No other car has been so lucky for any driver in F1’s history.

The Dutch Driver Is Not Keen To Continue Driving In F1 As Long As Hamilton And Alonso

Lewis Hamilton Fernando Alonso Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton Fernando Alonso Max Verstappen Source: Sky Sports

Who knows how many titles he will win at the end of his career? He has a long way to go in F1 if he doesn’t retire prematurely. Moreover, the Red Bull advisor mentioned earlier in the season that Max gives him the impression that he might want to leave F1 sooner rather than later.

Even Max Verstappen said earlier that he would not like to have a long career as Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. But the way things are going, he might not need that long to break those records in F1 that’s left for him to break. In terms of GP wins, he is third behind Michael Schumacher (2) and Lewis Hamilton (1). If he stays in F1 for a long time, he can go to the top.