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Sir Lewis Hamilton had a better season last year than his Mercedes teammate. He had quite a few podium finishes in 2023. On the other hand, George Russell had a lot of ups and downs last season. But overall, the Silver Arrows have been through a difficult phase since 2022. They have managed to win only one race, which came in Brazil in 2022. Since last year, the German outfit has been winless. On top of that, the seven-time champion has been winless since 2022. Moreover, Hamilton has been facing a tough fight from his new teammate since the cost cap era started. Russell debuted for Mercedes in 2022. He won his maiden Grand Prix that year in Brazil. That has been the only win for Mercedes in the last three years.

Before Russell became Hamilton’s teammate, Valtteri Bottas was the other driver at Mercedes. Bottas never presented Hamilton with so much challenge as Russell has been doing. In 2022, the former Williams driver, was able to beat Lewis Hamilton in the Driver’s standings. But last year, the seven-time champion came back stronger. However, in the current season, George Russell seems to have an advantage over Lewis Hamilton driving the W15 car. Lately, the seven-time champion talked about his qualifying deficit to his teammate so far this season.


Lewis Hamilton Addressed His Deficit In Qualifying Sessions To George Russell

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton and George Russell both agree on Mike Elliott’s Mercedes departure (Image: Getty)

The F1 teams are gearing up for the iconic Monaco Grand Prix. Lately, during a pre-race media scrum, reporters asked Lewis Hamilton if he was focusing more on the race than single lap pace. Then, the racer admitted that he had been struggling in the qualifying sessions so far this year. Nevertheless, his general race pace has been making him feel happy as he is able to even things out. At present, in Qualifying, George Russell is enjoying a 6-1 lead over Hamilton after seven races so far. Lewis Hamiton told the media, including Sportskeeda, that he can’t deny the Qualifying deficit to his teammate has been a priority. Moreover, he says, “The whole weekend, I’ve been looking to improve everywhere.”

 However, Hamilton says throughout the current ongoing season, he is having bad “Saturdays.” But he is willing to work on it as he has not been to the “Strong Place” yet. Nevertheless, Lewis Hamilton says there are a lot of races still remaining to sort things out. He added that it is important to “Iron out all creases” in the car, and his performance. There is no need to get too hung up on it. As the seven-time champion believes his race performance has been pretty decent. Hence, he is looking forward to fall back on that. 

What Kind Of Upgrades Mercedes Will Bring In Monaco?


Currently, Red Bull, Ferrari, and McLaren are quite far ahead of the Silver Arrows. This P4 position looks a bit like a “No-man’s land” for Toto Wolff’s team. Since the Miami Grand Prix, Mercedes has been bringing few upgrades every race. But they have not shown any big improvement as of yet. Lately, Lewis Hamilton said that Mercedes will not bring any new upgrades this weekend. Previously, the package came in two parts to Miami and Imola.

Hamilton pointed at the highest downforce level that the Silver Arrows have in Monaco like every other team. But Hamilton said they will also have an “Evolved wing.” Anyhow, they don’t have the knowledge about where they will be this weekend. Nevertheless, Lewis Hamilton said that W15 excited him because W13 and W14 were not so-great cars. Can Lewis build on his past success on the Monaco track in 2024? Only time can tell. 

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