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In the high-stakes world of Formula One, the dynamic between a driver and team principal is a critical element that often determines the success of a racing team. Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time World Champion, has been at the forefront of this sport for years, and his partnership with Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has been instrumental in the team’s dominance.

The duo together scalded new heights with unparalleled success achieved through sheer domination. However, Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton met with unprecedented challenges in these past couple of seasons after Mercedes encountered a performance struggle. Having said that, despite an incessant number of challenges, Wolff hasn’t lost his competitiveness, feels Hamilton.


Lewis Hamilton Thinks Of Toto Wolff As A Great Leader Amid Mercedes’ Never-Ending Struggle!

Lewis Hamilton asked Toto Wolff to imagine what it is like to be him. Rick Rycroft/AP

Mercedes F1 team, who scripted history by winning eight constructors titles in the past decade, witnessed a period of unimaginable struggle as their performance went downhill. After the concept change fell flat, a series of bad strategic decisions led to a disastrous couple of seasons. Naturally, a large part of the blame fell on the acclaimed team principal Toto Wolff. The Austrian was caught in the eye of the storm as he sought answers to limit the downfall. Moreover, having achieved enormous success in the past decade, Wolff found it difficult to handle the unprecedented challenges. Furthermore, many times, the team boss expressed his frustration by banging his desk in the garage during races.

Having said that, Toto Wolff’s competitiveness is yet to take a hit despite incessant struggles, reveals Lewis Hamilton. The Mercedes ace driver added that Wolff is still competitive to win, and it reflects on his face when he is in the garage during races. “He just continued to push everyone. He’s a very, very approachable leader, people can relate to him, to his emotions, to his compassion, and to his drive. He’s very understanding,” added Hamilton. Lewis also called Wolff a great leader of the pack. Also, the Briton lauded the way the team boss has managed to strike a balance between his personal and professional life. It’s not easy for a single man to manage everything. Yet Wolff has managed to produce a good job in that area, which is a commendable effort in the eyes of Hamilton.

Toto Wolff Refers To Lewis Hamilton As Greatest Driver In The World!

Lewis Hamilton
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Undoubtedly, Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton share the utmost mutual respect for one another. After Hamilton praised Wolff, the latter returned the favor. During his latest interview with RaceFans, the Mercedes boss said that the blame for the bad weekend falls on the team. It does not have anything to do with Lewis being the greatest driver in the world.

If given a competitive car, Lewis Hamilton is still skilled enough to compete in a championship, says Toto Wolff. “If we are able to give him a car, he will be fighting for a world championship, I have no doubt,” said Wolff. In hindsight, the Mercedes boss explained that Hamilton’s struggles were a product of an ill-structured car. By no means has the British driver witnessed a dip in his capabilities to win a championship, reassured Toto Wolff.