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Lewis Hamilton Fred Vasseur Ferrari Source: Sky Sports F1

Formula One’s living legend, Lewis Hamilton, has been part of Mercedes since 2013. That same year, the current team principal, Toto Wolff, took up the responsibility as well. And since then, the motorsport duo has been through immense success. The Silver Arrows went on to win all the constructor titles from 2014 to 2021 in a row, as nobody could beat the German team. That’s how strong they have been. While helping the team win these eight titles, the former McLaren driver won six for himself. He already had won his maiden title with McLaren back in his sophomore year.

But winning six Driver’s Championships with Mercedes made Lewis Hamilton a legend. Arguably, he is the greatest F1 driver of all time. In fact, Hamilton is the most successful driver in the sport. He equaled Michael Schumacher’s number of title victories in 2020, winning his seventh championship. Perhaps that’s the reason why Lewis Hamilton rejected the offer from Ferrari. Recently, in an interview with the Blick newspaper, Hamilton clarified the rumors. According to him, Ferrari never offered him anything. If he “Never” received any offer, then what about those rumors?


The Seven-Time Champion “Never” Received Any Offer From Ferrari

Lewis Hamilton Ferrari
Lewis Hamilton Ferrari Source: Motorsport Week

The seven-time champion added that there’ve been a few irrelevant conversations regarding this rumor. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton is not thinking about moving to Italy despite he knows a lot of good people there. On the other hand, Roger Benoit, the interviewer, asked Hamilton about his old statement regarding retirement before he turned 40. In reply, Lewis Hamilton admitted that he underestimated his love for F1 Motorsport. Albeit, Hamilton added that there are days when he doesn’t feel like getting into the cockpit. However, the duel with George Russell, his teammate, always motivates him to do it once more. Regarding the current status of Mercedes in the new cost-cap era, the seven-time champion mentioned that he always pushes himself to the limit.

Moreover, he always wants to have faith in his team. However, Hamilton agrees that if the balance doesn’t feel right in the car, the willingness to take risks gradually diminishes. Moreover, the great Briton said he hopes for a more competitive car next year. Hamilton said that he might not necessarily retire after he wins the coveted eighth championship. But Lewis Hamilton says without a competitive car, no team can achieve anything in this sport. On the other hand, he praised his rival Max Verstappen, saying, “Max is doing an extraordinary job at Red Bull.” Moreover, Hamilton wishes Max to keep doing what he has been doing in recent times.

Why Lewis Hamilton Would Never Leave Mercedes?

Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: Motorsport-Total.com

Moreover, Lewis Hamilton is the only driver to win more than 100 races in the sport. He also has the most pole positions and the most number of podium finishes. Prior to the current season, Hamilton had more Grand Prix victories than the whole of Red Bull’s F1 team. It was Max Verstappen who helped his team get into the 100 GP win club. The other two powerhouses – Ferrari and Mercedes have been waiting a long time for Red Bull to join that club. Finally, the reigning champions have won more races overall than Lewis Hamilton.

But the seven-time champion is forever grateful to Mercedes. First of all, the epic collaboration made him a legend. Secondly, Lewis Hamilton has always driven Mercedes-powered cars in his 15-year-long F1 career. Even when he used to race for McLaren, Mercedes provided them with the engines. Hence, Hamilton and Mercedes have a strong and successful connection. Then again, the seven-time champion often mentioned that as long as he and Toto Wolff have a good understanding, he won’t leave Mercedes.