Lewis Hamilton George Russell Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton George Russell Mercedes Source: Eurosport

Sir Lewis Hamilton shocked the F1 universe early in 2024. Fans presumed that Hamilton would never leave Mercedes. He might even become a brand ambassador of the German team. That’s what the fans thought. But life can be full of surprises and shocks. Nobody knows when one of them can hit them. Similarly, the seven-time champion shocked the F1 fans when he announced his switch to Ferrari. It was shocking for Toto Wolff and the rest of the followers of the German F1 team. As a result, Hamilton put an end to the 12 year long and golden collaboration between him and the Brackley team. There has never been a more successful team-driver partnership than Hamilton had with the Silver Arrows.

But for the last two years, Mercedes failed to provide the great Briton with the fastest car. Moreover, the seven-time champion remained winless for a couple of years on the trot. He will turn 40 next year. Perhaps all these thoughts influenced Hamilton to sign with the Italian team. Currently, fans are eager to see the beginning of the most successful team and the most decorated F1 racer’s collaboration. Only time will tell if Ferrari and Hamilton help each other with winning titles after a long time. But does this mean that Hamilton lost faith in Mercedes?


Lewis Hamilton Has Faith In Mercedes That They Will Win Championships In Future Again


As per Formula1.com, the seven-time champion is looking forward to the 2024 season. He is eager to finish his partnership with the Silver Arrows on a high note. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton wanted to erase all doubts regarding him losing faith in Mercedes. He said that he knows this team will win another championship. Moreover, Hamilton mentioned he is looking forward to that day when he will feel proud for being part of their success. On top of that, Lewis Hamilton is proud of the fact that he was able to bring diversity to the team, and that makes him really happy.

Adding to that, the seven-time champion mentioned they put a lot of things in place. Now, he is proud to see how diverse the German team is at present. Moreover, Hamilton credits the processes they go through to the success they achieve in the end. He is looking forward to being part of that process in the long haul. Additionally, he will be part of the development the team has gone through. Finally, Lewis noted that it was not honestly the thought that he could not win the coveted eighth title with Mercedes that made him switch to Ferrari. 

Hamilton Is Looking Forward To The Next Chapter Of His Racing Career

Lewis Hamilton Oliver Bearman Ferrari
Lewis Hamilton Oliver Bearman Ferrari Source: PlanetF1

Moreover, the seven-time champion knows that Mercedes will win a title again. Hamilton said that the W15 may or may not be a championship-winning caliber car. But that won’t change his decision or how he feels about the next chapter of his career. Moreover, Lewis feels he has done everything he could with the Silver Arrows.

He said that he is on the back end of his career. But he always loves a new challenge. And Lewis Hamilton feels moving to the most iconic team in the sport is the ultimate challenge. Finally, Hamilton said that his goal is to beat Ferrari in 2024. However, “That plan switches from the following year.”

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