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Mike Elliot Mercedes Source: Sky Sports

Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton has been waiting for Mercedes to provide him with the fastest car that can help him win his eighth title. But it has been a couple of years since Mercedes could challenge Red Bull for the title. Moreover, Mike Elliot, as the technical director, was not very successful. Under Elliot, Mercedes has been through a huge slump. Later, midway through the 2023 season, Toto Wolff’s team swapped Elliot with James Allison.

Allison replaced Elliot to return as the technical director of the Mercedes F1 team. However, Mike Elliot later resigned from the Mercedes team in the middle of the year. Recently, in an interview with Auto Motor und Sport, Lewis Hamilton mentioned he had no say in what happened with Elliot. The reporter asked Lewis Hamilton if it was essential that James Allison returned as the Technical Director. In reply, Hamilton said, “It’s not my fault that Mike Elliot left Mercedes.”


Lewis Hamilton Explained Why It Was Essential To Bring Back James Allison As The Technical Director

James Allison Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
James Allison Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: GPFans

Moreover, Hamilton mentioned he has huge respect for Mike Elliot as he has known him since his McLaren days. But he mostly respected Elliot because there was always something to learn from him. But about the return of James Allison, Lewis Hamilton mentioned that the most important is what’s good for the team. The seven-time champion added that it’s not about any one person as they are part of a team. Moreover, it is vital that the puzzles in the group fits together, feels Hamilton. On top of that, Lewis Hamilton said, Allison had more leadership chops. Hence, he fitted in that role perfectly.

Apparently, the slump since last year triggered Mercedes to replace Elliot. The innovative idea of the zero side pod concept was a huge failure. On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton believes James Allison has more leadership abilities than any other engineer he has ever seen. Moreover, Hamilton mentioned Allison always stands at the front with the “Sword.” He always tells his team how to walk through the “Fire.” Moreover, Hamilton added that Allison boosted a lot of confidence in the team as he’s very eloquent. 

Hamilton Has Not Been Happy With The Car Since Last Year

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: iNews

In the last couple of years, Mercedes won merely a single Grand Prix. But it was not the 38-year-old superstar who won the only race for Mercedes in 2022. Instead, it was George Russell who won the Brazilian Grand Prix, and he made his debut for the German team last year. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton has been complaining since last year that there’s something wrong with the car. Naturally, the car went through a terrible porpoising issue in 2022.

Albeit, the W14 car did not have too much bouncing trouble, it could not help the Silver Arrows take the top spot in any GP. Moreover, Hamilton complained about the W14 car very early in the season as well. He was not happy with the downforce issue of the 2023 car. Moreover, the seven-time champion said his team didn’t take his suggestions for developing W14. But Toto Wolff, earlier in the 2023 season, mentioned that Hamilton’s suggestions do matter as he speaks from almost a 15-year experience.