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2RB19K6 Silverstone, Great Britain. 6th July, 2023. #44 Lewis Hamilton (GBR, Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team), #16 Charles Leclerc (MCO, Scuderia Ferrari), F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain at Silverstone Circuit on July 6, 2023 in Silverstone, Great Britain. (Photo by HIGH TWO) Credit: dpa/Alamy Live News

Sir Lewis Hamilton will be the new teammate of Ferrari Ace Charles Leclerc next year. He shocked everybody in the F1 world after announcing his switch to Ferrari early this year. The current 2024 season will be his final season with Mercedes. It will be an emotional “End of an era” for the collaboration between the Silver Arrows and the seven-time champion. After all, the great British racer has become the most decorated F1 driver since he joined the German outfit. Then, to look at it from the other side, since the former McLaren driver joined Mercedes, they have become a powerhouse in the sport. A decade ago, that was not the case. A team-driver collaboration like Mercedes-Hamilton is very unique in the sport.

But that has been the most successful team-driver partnership ever. Lewis Hamilton won six Driver’s championships with the Silver Arrows adding to his maiden title with McLaren. From 2014 to 2021, Mercedes won all the constructor titles. But in the last two years, that same team-driver collaboration faced tremendous failure. They have been winless since last year. Hamilton has been winless since 2022. Hence, he decided it was high time to switch teams. Moreover, it seems the seven-time champion is getting along with his future teammate pretty well. 


Ferrari Boss Said Lewis Hamilton And Charles Leclerc Have Been On Honeymoon

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Lewis Hamilton Fred Vasseur Ferrari Source: Sky Sports F1

Recently, in an interview with La Reppublica, Fred Vasseur mentioned that in the past two months, he has seen a steady growth in a respectful bond between Hamilton and Leclerc. It is a great news for the cause of the Prancing Horse. The French team principal said that the last two months has been like a training period between Lewis and Charles. Adding to that, Vasseur said, “It has been like a honeymoon.” Moreover, what really pleases the Ferrari boss is the fact that there are no pre-existing tensions between the seven-time champion and the Monagasque driver. If all goes well, then Hamilton and Leclerc will have a smooth relationship like what was there between Charles and Carlos Sainz Jr. 

Moreover, Fred Vasseur said in the interview that he expects Hamilton and Leclerc to maintain the mutual respect for one another in the future as well. It is not necessarily important that they will be best of friends off the track. On the other hand, Carlos Sainz Jr. who won the only race for Ferrari this year as well as last year had a few nervy moments with his teammate from Monaco. Albeit, they don’t have a bad relationship or anything, the Spaniard seems to make a statement before he leaves. 

How Have The Relationship Between The Two Current Ferrari Drivers Evolved This Season?

Ferrari Celsius
Ferrari Celsius Source: Motorsport.com

It was a shock for a lot of people when it came to light that Hamilton will replace Carlos Sainz Jr. at Ferrari next year. However, the Spanish racer has been the only race winner for the Maranello team in the past two years. Moreover, the future of Sainz is still a bit uncertain. But the relationship between Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz has always been tussle-free. But in the past few months, the Spanish driver is trying his best to end his collaboration with the Prancing Horse with a bang.

In the process, Carlos had a few fiesty battles with his teammate on the track. But both of them have given each other their due respect. However, there was one moment in China last month, when the Monagasque driver accused Carlos Sainz Jr. for crossing the line. 

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