LeBron James Lakers Workout
LeBron James Lakers Workout Source: Sky Sports

LeBron James might not think about stopping or retiring at all until the next season is over. It is quite rare to find someone so passionate about the game as LBJ. He is 38 and will be a year older next December. Generally, players and even the greats of the game quit at this stage. However, there was a similar point in LeBron’s life a few months ago when he really thought about retiring.

It happened after the Los Angeles Lakers lost in the Western Conference Finals in the most humiliating way they could imagine. The eventual champions, Denver Nuggets, blew them away in just four games. However, King James is still among the best players in the league. He had countless memorable moments on the floor in his 20-season-long career. But he is pretty famous for his perimeter jump shots.


LeBron James Wowed His Teammates Hitting A Fadeaway Jump Shot During The First Practice Of The Training Camp

LeBron James
LeBron James Source: Newsweek

Recently, during the training camp, LeBron James impressed his teammates while shooting a fadeaway three-pointer. Hence, this year, the all-time scoring leader added fadeaway shots to his skillset. The video went viral on X (Previously called Twitter). Since LeBron James joined the Lakers, he has hit more perimeter jump shots than he has done for any other team in his career. His perimeter jump shots for the Lakers average 6.7 attempts per contest.

LeBron James is shooting 34.6% three-pointers wearing the purple and gold jersey. Despite reaching the last stage of his basketball career, he is still adding new skills to his repertoire. Adding Fadeaway can be lethal because it will give him more space for the jump shots and can improve the conversion rates for his perimeter shots. Moreover, the Fadeaway skill can also help LeBron James in limiting further contacts. This way, he might prevent injuries.   

LBJ Must Be An Inspiration For His Teammates And Fans Worldwide

LeBron James Lakers
LeBron James Lakers Source: Fadeaway World

Defeat with a clean sweep was definitely humiliating, and that also happened in the conference finals. But the front office did a great job in maintaining the balance of the roster in the offseason. That’s what made the King announce that he has a lot more to give to the beloved game of basketball. And so he’s back with the team for the training camp. He is eagerly training to win his 5th championship ring. Lately, during a news conference, Rob Pelinka mentioned that LeBron James is prepping like a rookie. Is it not inspiring for the aspiring basketball players out there?

Moreover, it is highly motivating for LBJ’s teammates. He is heading toward his 21st season in the NBA but with the same enthusiasm as a rookie. That is incredible and indeed something the young generation can learn from. But only time can say if he can win his 5th ring in the 2023-24 season. That would encourage him to further stick around for his son Bronny to make his debut in the league. It is fair to say that Father Time is catching up with LeBron James. He sustained a severe injury on his right foot last February. Prior to that, he broke the all-time scoring record.