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Stephen Curry has been a great rival of LeBron James over the years. Their battles have been legendary. Adding to their class, Kevin Durant was part of Steph’s team, the Golden State Warriors, for a while. The Curry-Durant duo was able to beat the LBJ-led Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2017 and 2018 NBA Finals. Moreover, KD was the finals MVP on both occasions. He helped the Dubs become a modern-day dynasty. Moreover, Durant became an integral part of the Warriors for the time he was part of the team. But then he suddenly decided to move on. At present, KD plays for the Phoenix Suns.

Lately, neither LeBron James nor Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant’s teams managed to reach the second round of the playoffs. The season of the Warriors ended in the play-in tournament against the Sacramento Kings. It has been over ten years that fans had always seen at least one of these three modern-day greats in the second round of the playoffs. But this year was different, and hence, a lot of fans wonder if it’s the end of the James-Curry-Durant era. Lately, Stephen Curry has been busy with his new podcast, Heat Check, as his father, Dell Curry, joined him too.


Did LeBron James And Kevin Durant Make Steph’s Top 5 List?

Kevin Durant Stephen Curry Warriors
Kevin Durant Stephen Curry Warriors Source: ESPN

Generally, NBA players make their all-time list, and fans react to it differently. The most common criticism is that they may have left one or two great players out of their list. However, Steph’s list might not shock fans in the same way. On the latest episode of Heat Check, Stephen Curry told his father, Dell Curry, who he thinks are the top five players of his generation. According to the Three-point King, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, and himself are the best of his era. The talisman of the Warriors also added some to his list of honourable mentions, including his teammate Klay Thompson, then two more – Anthony Davis and Kyrie Irving.

Moreover, Bleacher Report’s Doric Sam reported that Steph feels it is easy to miss a lot of names whenever someone makes this type of lists. Fans start saying, “How can he leave him off his list? What was he thinking?” These type of comments are common. But Sam feels the list that Stephen Curry made looks pretty good. It should not get those common comments. Moreover, the Three-point King did not add any outlandish names. On top of that, in the next Paris Olympics, fans are eagerly waiting to see LBJ, KD and Steph team up for Team USA.

What Does Stephen Curry Feel About Playing Alongside LBJ?

LeBron James Stephen Curry
LeBron James Stephen Curry Source: Complex

Recently, in a conversation with his dad on the Heat Check podcast, Stephen Curry said it always feels great when he plays around greatness. Clearly, he was talking about the idea of playing alongside LeBron James. The talisman of the Warriors said every night he likes to see such a talent on display.

Moreover, it would be interesting to team up with the all-time leading scorer. But Steph said, “We will get that on Team USA but not in the NBA.” Before both these legends retire, it would be great to see them wear the same jersey on the basketball court. Curry said, “That would be awesome.”

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