Adrian Newey, Dr Helmut Marko, and Christian Horner looking at Race winner Max Verstappen
Getty Images / Red Bull

The 2024 Formula One season has been full of bombshells. It started with Hamilton’s Ferrari move, and now, Adrian Newey is set to leave Red Bull. The chief engineer has been a cornerstone of Red Bull’s rise to domination over the past few years. 

He has won a combined total of 25 drivers and constructors’ championships with three different teams. Thirteen of those have come with Red Bull, and two more will most likely be added this season. Newey has been with the Austrian circuit since 2006, designing some of their most powerful engines. Thus, his early exit will create a void in the team, leaving them vulnerable. 


The Reason And Repercussions of Newey’s Departure

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As confirmed by notable media houses, Adrian Newey is leaving Red Bull. However, the official announcement has yet to be made; the chief technical officer is no longer interested in working for RBR. Internal conflicts and a recent scandal engulfing the team’s leader, Christian Horner, have emerged as concerns. The aerodynamic wizard’s departure will have seismic repercussions. However, his contract ‘runs at least till the end of 2025’, which means Red Bull won’t allow him to leave without a 12-month gardening period. Nonetheless, Horner and Co. can do nothing if Newey decides to retire. 

The ace designer’s departure will inevitably impact others at Red Bull. It will dent the team’s hope of dominating the grid after new regulations are implemented in 2026, whereas it’ll be an opportunity for other engineers to showcase their talent. The unexpected departure could also influence Max Verstappen’s future in Formula 1, especially considering he’s been courted by Red Bull Racing’s rivals, Mercedes. Additionally, the world champion’s departure would likely lead to Helmut Marko’s exit as well.  Horner’s leadership will face the heat of fans and Red Bull’s authority if this happens. 

Will Ferrari Be The Next Destination For Newey?

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In the end, these are all speculations until an official announcement is made either by Horner or Newey.  However, if the chief engineer decides to leave, his exit clause will stop him from joining any other F1 team. However, there are ways in which different teams could hire a seasoned aerodynamic specialist. The most likely destination for Newey is Ferrari, as the Italian racing team has been interested in Adrian Newey’s technical services. There were instances where he showed interest in working for Ferrari, such as his remark of being ‘tempted to work.’ is evidence.

With Lewis Hamilton already in the pit, Fred Vasseur would be delighted to hire an aerodynamic expert to help create a perfect racing machine for the Briton. Apart from Prancing Horse, Aston Martin could be Newey’s next home, as Lawrence Stroll seems interested. The exit confirmation might come ahead of the Miami GP, and seeing how things unfold will be interesting.