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The New York Yankees could not qualify for the playoffs last season. They even had the worst numbers, as they only finished with an 82-80 record. It was one of the worst seasons for the NY side in the previous three decades. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers could see their weaknesses in the outfield and a lack of star power. Aaron Judge had been their only superstar in the last few seasons. It has been too much pressure on one player. Moreover, the 2022 AL MVP sustained a pretty bad toe injury and went on to miss 36 games on the trot.

The captain’s absence really cost the Yankees a heavy blow. There has been a lot to learn from and correct for Aaron Boone’s side since the last season. In his tenure as skipper, the 2023 season was the first time that the Yankees did not make the postseason. For the first time, Boone finished 4th in AL East with .506 win%. Naturally, the Yankees Faithful was not happy with Boone and the rest of the organization. But the manager recently mentioned that last year’s absence from the playoffs worked as an added fuel for his team’s fire.


How Did Last Season’s Poor Performance Reinvigorate The Yankees Players?

Aaron Boone Yankees
Aaron Boone Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

Recently, in an interview with “Evan and Tiki on WFAN,” the popular baseball podcast, Aaron Boone noted the team’s motivation to not make the same mistakes like last season. He became the manager of the Bronx Bombers in 2018. Clearly, the 2023 season has been the worst for them since then. But the team is trying to use the previous year’s disappointment as a fuel to turn things around this season. Aaron Boone has been a player himself and as a third baseman played in the big league for 13 seasons. After retiring in 2010 as a player, he became an ESPN Analyst for a few years. Albeit Boone played for the NY side a while, his best spell came with the Cincinnati Reds.

Anyway, after 2017, the Yankees hired the former third baseman as their new skipper. Boone has held that position ever since. But under his tenure, Boone would like to help the NY side make it to the “Big Dance” at least once. However, the way the last few seasons have been going has not really raised much hope. Even when the 27-time champions made it to the playoffs with Boone as the skipper, they displayed underwhelming performances. Hence, even more disappointment for the fans. However, the manager is confident that 2024 is going to be a bit different.

Lately, Aaron Boone Gave An Update On Jasson Dominguez

Yankees Jasson Dominguez
Yankees Jasson Dominguez Source: Fox News

Last year, the rookie Jasson Dominguez impressed everybody until he got injured. Moreover, the rookie became the youngest player for the Yankees to hit a home run on debut. On top of that, he hit a homer against Justin Verlander in his first at-bat. However, the joy short-lived as nine days later he suffered a torn UCL.

As a result, he required Tommy John surgery. Moreover, the Yankees skipper did not like to give an estimated time for Jasson’s return. But Aaron Boone said that he has started the rehabilitation process, and it has been going pretty well so far. Hence, the team feels optimistic about their chances this year.

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