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Lando Norris surprised everybody as he beat Max Verstappen in the 2024 Miami Grand Prix. However, the Dutchman is still leading the Driver’s standings. The Red Bull driver is still enjoying a healthy lead over the other drivers. That’s because he has won four out of six races so far. Carlos Sainz Jr. of Ferrari won the Australian Grand Prix this year. On the other hand, the Dutch racer had a shocking DNF in Melbourne. Nevertheless, the reigning champion has been the most consistent driver in 2024, like he has been in the last few years.

That’s the reason why he has won three titles in a row. Moreover, Max Verstappen is on his way to win his fourth Driver’s Championship. Other than consistency, Max also has the advantage of being the fastest car. Clearly, Red Bull is the most dominant team performance-wise. But McLaren’s Lando Norris believes he won’t let his good friend Max win another title without a fight. After winning his maiden GP, the McLaren driver is confident to win some more.


Can Lando Norris Challenge Max Verstappen For The 2024 Title?

Max Verstappen Lando Norris
Max Verstappen Lando Norris Source: The SportsRush

After winning the 2024 Miami Grand Prix, Lando Norris told Sky Sports that he looks forward to challenge the Red Bull superstar. Moreover, in that interview, the British driver acknowledged Max Verstappen as one of the best racers in the sport. Hence, he wants to battle against the best. That has always been Lando’s goal. He wants to prove himself again if he can beat the Dutch racer again. Clearly, an excited and overjoyed McLaren driver said he wanted to prove himself against one of the best. The two drivers Max and Lando are good friends. But in a competitive sport like Formula 1, friends or enemies don’t matter, as everyone wants to win for themselves to prove their worth in front of the whole world. 

However, the question is if Lando Norris is already at the same level of the three-time champion. It has been a long time since Norris waited to win his first race. Finally, this year in Miami, he got what he wanted. It is great for the young British racer to win his maiden GP. But it might be too soon to tell that Lando is on a par with the great Dutch racer. Max Verstappen has won 38 races since 2022, 19 GP wins last year. The Red Bull driver has been breaking records constantly. Hence, Lando has a long way to go before he can put himself at the same level as his good friend Max. 

The Dutch Racer Was Very Happy For His Friend Winning His Maiden GP

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After the chequered flag, when Max Verstappen finished second, he gave a thumbs-up to the winner of the Miami Grand Prix. Later, in the post-race interview, Max said that it has been a long time coming for Lando. He knew that his friend was going to win someday his first race. However, the Dutch racer will be eagerly waiting for the next race to get back to winning ways.

But he said that he is not upset after losing to Lando Norris. Moreover, the McLaren driver will be using the win in Miami as an inspiration to take the fight to his “Good friend.” Perhaps it will turn into an interesting fight for the title at the fag end of the season. Indeed, it is a long season.

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