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CHECKOUT: Lakers Ace LeBron James Unveils New Nike Shoes Via Instagram Post

LeBron James has been a Nike player from the very beginning of his career. He signed a lucrative deal for seven-year contract worth $90 million with Nike in his rookie season. Today, LeBron James is a billionaire. For that, a lot of credit goes to Nike. Both Nike and James have helped each other to grow more profitable and more successful.

Over the years, Nike has sold a hundred pair of LeBron shoes. Among them, LeBron 11 has been the best-selling of his signature shoes. However, since LeBron 11, the next best-selling edition was the LeBron 20. It was the first shoe King James endorsed that had a low top. However, LeBron 20 had been highly successful for Nike and King James. But as it turns out, the time for unveiling the new LeBron 21 has arrived. Recently, LeBron James unveiled his new sneakers on Instagram.


LeBron James Unveils The LeBron 21

LeBron James Nike Shoes
LeBron James Nike Shoe LeBron 21 Source: Sports Illustrated

However, not to forget that the James family had been through a rough phase in recent times. Bronny James suffered a cardiac arrest which shocked the whole family as well as the basketball community. Despite going through this difficult week, the King went on to the basketball court with Bryce, his youngest son. Later, as usual, LeBron James utilized the offseason to unveil his new Nike shoes. Moreover, the leaked images of the LeBron 21 shoes have been surfacing since last month. But LeBron’s post on Instagram gave a better glimpse of the new hoop shoe. The King used 21 Savage and Drake’s Rich Flex as background music for the image.

In the 2022-23 season, LeBron James became the new all-time leading scorer. He celebrated the great event with Nike, and it was the completion of a two-decade partnership. Hence, the expectations from LeBron 21 are very high. Moreover, at first glance, the new sneakers look very different from LeBron 20. A patent leather upper seems to replace the mesh upper. Moreover, there is a sculpted heel, and the double swoosh logos are not there. The new look must excite the fans and athletes for its low-cut model. The predecessor of LeBron 21 was the first to have a low top, and this shoe looks to carry the same approach. Moreover, the gold colorway looks sharp.

King James And Nike Forever

LeBron James Nike Shoe Dog Source: Twitter
LeBron James Nike Shoe Dog Source: Twitter

Like MJ and Kobe ‘Mamba’ Bryant, LeBron James too has his signature Nike shoes. They are trendy shoes. In fact, the “LeBrons” are the most lucrative shoe line of Nike and have earned billion dollars in sales. Moreover, King James always wore Nike on the basketball court throughout his long and illustrious career.

Since the days from Cleveland Cavaliers to Miami Heat, back home again, and finally to Los Angeles Lakers, it has been Nike all his career. Later, LeBron James signed a historic contract with Nike back in 2015. The Nike-LeBron partnership came full circle because that was a lifetime contract worth a billion dollars. For many years King James topped the NBA Shoe sales for Nike. In 2015, the LeBron shoes had a sale of $340 million, as per Forbes.