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Klay Thompson has been a superstar for the Golden State Warriors all these years alongside Steph Curry. The Splash Brothers duo helped the Dubs become the modern-day dynasty. In eight years, this duo won four titles. Moreover, they changed the game forever. The Splash Brothers revolutionized the three-point shooting in the league. Every opponent stays wary of the Dub’s shooting capabilities when the lineup has the Klay-Steph duo.

Currently, Thompson is playing in his 11th NBA season. Albeit the season has not been going as the Dubs and Klay would hope, there’s still time to bounce back. Anyway, Klay has been performing better than the way he started at present. But he has looked a bit frustrated on the court and in front of the media this season. To calm him down, Steve Kerr gave him some advice on how to deal with the last chapter of his NBA career. 


What Klay Thompson Realized About His Last Chapter In NBA After Discussing With The Dubs Coach? 

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After the game against the Orlando Magic, Klay Thompson had a chat with the coach. Steve Kerr asked him not to put so much pressure on himself thinking about winning more titles and more All-Star selections. Instead, coach Kerr advised Klay Thompson to enjoy this last chapter of his career in NBA. He had been struggling with injuries for several seasons. But he came out of injury to help his team win the title in 2022. Clearly, he has been an asset to the Warriors dynasty. Even Klay Thompson mentioned that coach Kerr helped him to change his outlook in his trying season. He recalled the conversation helped him relax a lot.

Klay said he feels sometimes he gets in his own way thinking about what he wants to accomplish in the future. Now, he wants to really feel how truly lucky he is to still play this game. If this change in outlook helps Klay to get back in form, then that’s great news for the Dubs. Moreover, there is no end to the injury concerns for the Warriors. Gary Payton II, who just came out of a calf injury, sustained another hamstring injury. As a result, he would miss a few more weeks. Now, it seems even more trying times are ahead for the Dubs.

Warriors Are In Trouble After A Shaky Start

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Moreover, another member of the Dubs Dynasty is Dray Green. But this four-time champion received back-to-back suspensions. Draymond Green’s suspensions really cost the Warriors heavily this season so far. The Dubs are unable to maintain a winning streak. Currently, they are 16-17. That’s not where they wanted to be at this point, as per their plans. It is not looking good for the GSW’s chances of making the playoffs.

Then their hopes of winning five titles in ten years are looking further distant than ever. Not only Green’s suspension but also the Splash brothers have not been on song consistently. Steph Curry had a few bad games lately, but Klay Thompson did not have a great start in the 2023-24 season. Initially, there was a social media fan-driven campaign called “Get Curry Some Help.” It was because Dray Green received back-to-back suspensions, and Klay Thompson was losing touch with his shooting abilities.