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In basketball, there’s a big debate about who’s the best point guard ever. But after a thrilling game where Stephen Curry hit an amazing shot to win for the Golden State Warriors, the debate got even hotter. Kevin Durant, who used to play with Curry, said some really nice things about him. Durant thinks Curry is the greatest point guard ever! This makes people talk even more about whether Curry or Magic Johnson deserves the title. Let’s dive into why everyone’s talking about Curry and what makes him so special.

Curry’s Heroics Seal Warriors’ Victory

On Saturday night, Stephen Curry once again showcased his clutch gene, sinking a remarkable turn-around shot with a mere 0.7 seconds remaining on the clock, securing a dramatic 113-112 win for the Golden State Warriors over the Phoenix Suns. The Oracle Arena erupted in euphoria as Curry added yet another chapter to his storied legacy of game-winning moments.


Following the game, Kevin Durant, who shared the court with Curry during their successful stint with the Warriors, wasted no time in expressing his admiration for the sharpshooting point guard. Durant boldly proclaimed Curry as the “greatest ever at his position,” emphasizing his unparalleled impact on the game of basketball.

Stephen Curry
NBA/Stephen Curry

In a post-game interview, Durant lauded Curry’s ability to thrive under pressure, stating, “All-time great, the greatest ever at his position, top five ever. You give him a look like that for game; he’s licking his chops,” highlighting Curry’s knack for delivering in crucial moments. The assertion that Curry holds the title of the greatest point guard of all time has sparked fervent debate within NBA circles. Magic Johnson, a legendary figure in his own right, has been cited as Curry’s primary competition in this contentious discussion.

Johnson, in a previous response to Curry’s self-proclamation as the GOAT, outlined his criteria for such a distinction, citing championship rings, Finals MVP awards, league MVP accolades, and statistical achievements. However, the comparison between Curry and Johnson extends beyond mere statistics, encompassing their respective contributions to the evolution of the game.

Warriors: A Legacy of Excellence

Curry’s impact on the NBA transcends statistical achievements. Often heralded as the catalyst for the three-point revolution, Curry’s unparalleled shooting prowess has reshaped the modern basketball landscape. His influence extends far beyond the confines of the court, inspiring a new generation of players to emulate his audacious style of play. Similarly, Magic Johnson’s legacy looms large, with his Showtime Lakers epitomizing a brand of basketball characterized by flair and finesse. Johnson’s versatility and court vision redefined the role of the point guard, paving the way for future generations of players, including the likes of LeBron James.

As the debate rages on, it is evident that both Curry and Johnson have left an indelible mark on the NBA, each contributing to the game’s rich tapestry in their own unique way. As the Golden State Warriors continue their campaign, led by the incomparable Curry, fans can expect more moments of magic and drama as they strive toward postseason glory.

Stephen Curry
NBA/Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors’ triumph over the Phoenix Suns on Saturday served as yet another reminder of Stephen Curry’s unrivaled brilliance on the basketball court. Curry’s heroics elicited widespread acclaim from fans and pundits alike, reaffirming his status as one of the greatest players of his generation. Kevin Durant’s effusive praise for Curry only adds to the chorus of admiration surrounding the two-time MVP. With the Warriors poised for a playoff push, Curry’s leadership and clutch performances will be pivotal as they navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

In the midst of a fiercely contested MVP race and a competitive playoff race, one thing remains certain: Stephen Curry’s legacy continues to grow, leaving an indelible imprint on the annals of NBA history. As the season unfolds, basketball fans can eagerly anticipate more moments of magic from the maestro himself.