Stephen Curry Vs Sabrina Ionescu
Stephen Curry Vs Sabrina Ionescu Source: NBC New York

The whole basketball universe is eagerly waiting for the battle between Stephen Curry and Sabrina Ionescu. These three-point legends will battle it out at the All-Star game this year. Lately, the contest for the ultimate three-point crown is taking all attention. Moreover, the Queen broke the record of King Curry in the three-point contest for most points scored. Hence, this month, the All-Star weekend can determine the ultimate three-point champion. After Ionescu broke Curry’s record, Steph immediately thought about challenging her for such a contest. Hence, that would decide it once and for all, who’s the best – Steph or Sabrina?

As soon as Stephen Curry challenged her, Sabrina replied, “Let’s go.” On top of that, the WNBA legend also said that she would throw from the NBA three-point mark. Later, Curry said about the contest, “One of the coolest things ever.” When basketball fans and experts are waiting for the epic three-point contest, people from that universe are starting to weigh in on who’ll get the ultimate three-point crown. Lately, Kevin Durant mentioned his former teammate will win. But Steph does not believe Durant would pick him.


Kevin Durant “Initially” Said Stephen Curry Will Win The Three-Point Contest

Kevin Durant Stephen Curry Warriors
Kevin Durant Stephen Curry Warriors Source: ESPN

Recently, the Phoneix Suns star told reporters that he’s going with Stephen Curry in case of the three-point contest. Adding to that, the two-time Finals MVP apologized to Sabrina Ionescu, saying, “Yeah, you can shoot. But you can’t beat the greatest.” However, hilariously enough, Stephen Curry thought KD would never pick him. Recently, the three-point King told Leigh Ellis that he knows Durant is an instigator. Hence, he was sure that his former teammate picked the WNBA Queen. But when Ellis told Curry that KD predicted he would win, it really took him by surprise. Moreover, Ellis posted that interview on X (formerly called Twitter).

After watching Curry’s interview, Kevin Durant seemed to get jokingly offended as Steph called him an “Instigator.” That’s why KD is taking his initial choice back and rooting for Sabrina Ionescu to win the whole thing. Currently, Stephen Curry is playing in his 15th NBA season. On the other hand, Sabrina Ionescu is playing in her 4th WNBA season, currently representing the New York Liberty. However, the all-time 3-point contest record in the NBA and WNBA currently belongs to Sabrina Ionescu, as she scored 37 points in 2023. Only time can answer if the Golden State Warriors superstar can get past that record. 

Rules About The Three-Point Challenge

Stephen Curry All Star
Stephen Curry All Star Source:

Moreover, the Sabrina Vs. Stephen’s shootout will follow the same rules as the three-point contest rules. Anyway, Stephen Curry will shoot from the NBA three-point line, which is 23 feet and 9 inches. On the other hand, Sabrina Ionescu will shoot from the WNBA line, which is 20 feet and 6 inches. Moreover, the NBA and the WNBA will donate to Eat.Learn.Play, non-profit organization of Stephen Curry and SI20 Foundation of Sabrina Ionescu.

On top of that, for each shot the King and the Queen will make, State Farm will donate to the NBA Foundation. This additional donation is for economic empowerment in the Black community. The regular three-pointers will be valued at $1000. Moreover, the money ball will value at $2000. On the other hand, the worth of the STARRY Range Ball will be $3000. On All-Star Saturday night, the competition will start between the Three-point contest and then the Slam Dunk.

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