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The New York Yankees trade link with Juan Soto is at its peak right now. Despite the San Diego Padres’ GM’s resentment, the club is going to have to move the outfielder to attain financial relief. The generational star has the potential to solve half of the Bronx Bombers’ roster problems. However, Brian Cashman will face hurdles.

One major challenge recently encountered is Juan Soto’s unwillingness to commit long-term. Rumors have it that Soto won’t sign an extension deal with a team that trades him this off-season. To those unversed, Soto has one year left on his existing contract with the Padres. Having said that, the outfielder’s new ultimatum shouldn’t discourage the Yankees from making a push for him, says a popular podcaster.


Yankees Must Land Juan Soto Even If It’s For A Year, Says Podcaster!

Juan Soto
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Juan Soto wants to explore free agency at the end of his term and thus issued an ultimatum to the teams interested for trade. As per multiple media reports, the outfielder has made it clear that he won’t sign an extension deal with any team that trades for him this off-season. After speculations gained momentum, analysts suggested that perhaps the New York Yankees would back out after the new demand. However, Talkin Yank’s podcaster, Big Baby David, urged the Bronx Bombers to continue with the pursuit. He says that while Soto is initially hesitant, his opinions could change after coming to the Bronx. The atmosphere of New York changes a player’s perspective altogether.

Another reason to hold on to Juan Soto is the upside he brings to the team. David added that even if it’s just for a year, the generational outfielder can make a lot of difference with respect to the Yankees’ championship dreams. Additionally, the podcaster believes that a trade package for a player with a year guarantee has historically not been as extensive as predicted. A couple of ready pitchers and prospects could be shipped to the Padres, and it won’t make much of a difference for the Yanks. Besides, if the Bombers land Soto this off-season, they will be the authority to call the shots next year. The club can offer a qualifying offer if they deem him a perfect long-term fit. If Soto fails to perform, it’s a blessing in disguise as the Yanks would at least have the clarity of what works and doesn’t work for them.

Juan Soto’s Trade Market Estimated To Remain Small!

Juan Soto
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On a positive front, the New York Yankees could be favorites to land generational star Juan Soto. As per Jon Heyman of the New York Post, the trade market for Soto will likely remain small. The Bronx Bombers can expect to be hit by less competition, as previously predicted. Soto’s unwillingness to commit long-term is believed to be the reason behind the drop in the number of suitors.

But overall, it’s a blessing for the New York Yankees. As per SNY, the Yanks and Padres have begun exchanging names to be included in the trade deal. However, the Padres’ steep ask is currently stalling the agreement process. But at the same time, the Bronx Bombers expect to reach a breakthrough with positive negotiations.