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Juan Soto made his first public appearance as a Yankee on Tuesday while addressing a virtual introductory press conference. The generational talent donned a classic NY cap and wore a 22-number chain around his neck, which spoke a lot of Soto’s excitement for the new chapter in the Bronx.

Needless to say, the press address majorly revolved around Juan Soto expressing his unwavering excitement to don the pinstripes next season. While he stayed mum on contract extension possibilities, the outfielder did reveal his plans to excel in the Yankee stadium. One of such plans was to not fall for the short right field porch trap.


Juan Soto To Continue With His Natural Approach Despite Short Porch Temptation!

Juan Soto
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Yankee Stadium, located in the Bronx, is renowned for its short right-field porch. It is a characteristic that has earned the ballpark a reputation as a hitter-friendly park, particularly for left-handed power hitters. The allure of launching home runs into the inviting right-field seats has enticed many players over the years. Thus, with Juan Soto’s addition to the mix, speculations about the left-handed hitter adopting a change in approach gained momentum. However, Soto clarified those rumors during his introductory press conference. He said that he has always been a left-center hitter and has achieved enormous success with that approach over the past six seasons in the major league.

While the short right field porch has grabbed his attention, Juan Soto does not plan on changing his approach anytime soon. “I think there’s no reason to change it. I’m going to be trying to do the same thing,” the outfielder said. Having said that, if Soto gets a chance to pull any ball to the short porch, he will execute it without a second thought. But he doesn’t plan on tweaking the approach just for the sake of maximizing the short territory. “My strength is going to left-center, and that’s what I’m going to try to do,” Soto added. Having said that, the left-handed hitter has done well in his limited appearances at the Yankee Stadium. He hit .261 with a 1.219 OPS, including four home runs across seven games. Thus, if the outfielder thinks a change is unnecessary, he must not be forced to do any.

Soto Looking Forward To Witness “Great Vibe” Of The Yankee Stadium!

Juan Soto
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Juan Soto is in love with the Yankee Stadium’s atmosphere. During the same press conference, the outfielder expressed how the stadium has a great vibe. He feels such an electric atmosphere fuels a player with adrenaline and excitement. “It was pretty cool to see them from the other side, but I can’t imagine how it’s going to be being on the same side and hearing the cheers for me,” said Soto.

The special connection with the Yankee Stadium also comes from Juan Soto’s Dominican roots. The outfielder revealed that he has family situated in New York, and he is excited to play in front of a large Dominican community in the Bronx. Overall, Juan Soto is excited to set foot in the Yankee ballpark and hopefully contribute significantly to help the Yankees win games.