Yankees, Juan Soto, Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge and Juan Soto are a match made in heaven. So far, they have looked like the most potent hitting duo in the league. Clearly, this duo has helped the New York Yankees to build the best offensive lineup this season. The credit for the NY side’s great start to the season goes to the Judge-Soto duo. Moreover, the way things have been going, this duo can become one of the greatest Yankees-hitting duos ever. They are becoming a threat to the great duos of the Bronx Bombers like Babe Ruth-Lou Gehrig and Roger Maris-Mickey Mantle.

If things go right, then the Judge-Soto duo can hit more home runs in one season (that’s the ongoing season) than the above-mentioned pairs. However, there is still a long way to go. But both Aaron Judge and Juan Soto are favorites to win the American League Most Valued Player this year. If Judge wins again, it will be his 2nd career MVP. But if Soto wins, that would be his first. Moreover, this duo can help the Yankees end their title drought since 2009. Lately, Aaron Judge said his partner in baseball crime gets his vote for winning AL MVP this year.


Aaron Judge Votes For Juan Soto For Winning 2024 AL MVP

Yankees, Juan Soto, Aaron Judge

Recently, in an interview with Jon Heyman of The New York Post, Aaron Judge mentioned that he votes for his Dominican partner in baseball crime to win the MVP title this year. Moreover, the 2022 AL MVP mentioned that after what Juan Soto has done so far this season, he will get his vote. The Yankees captain credits the Dominican superstar for making big defensive plays. On top of that, the California Native mentioned that his new partner in baseball crime always makes things easier for him on the plate. Judge said, “Juan Soto is always on base for me.” Moreover, the Yankees captain credits Soto and Anthony Volpe for being the engines of the team’s offense.

Clearly, Soto has impressed everybody in the Bronx. Even when the captain was going through an early season slump, the Dominican slugger kept the momentum going. Moreover, he won the Player of the Month in April. Later, in the series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Juan Soto could not play owing to a forearm discomfort. And the result was that the Yankees offense got weaker. Eventually, the visitors won the series 2-1. Hence, if the NY side wants to go deep in the playoffs this year, the Judge-Soto duo must keep getting stronger and try to stay healthy.

The Dominican Superstar Enjoying A Great Start For The Yankees

Juan Soto, Yankees

In his debut season for the New York Yankees, Juan Soto has already hit 18 home runs, with a batting average of .319 and 55 RBIs. So far, in the MLB, all those numbers are in the top five. Juan Soto has been the most impactful player for the NY side, who are currently 50-24 this season. As a result, the Yankees are sitting at the top of the AL East division.

After losing the series against the division cum arch-rivals, the Boston Red Sox, and the Bronx Bombers are all set to face another division rival, the Baltimore Orioles, next. So far, in his career, Juan Soto has won the prestigious Silver Slugger Award four times and has been a three-time All-Star. But he has never won an MVP title before. He would love to win it this year.

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