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CHECKOUT: Juan Soto Addresses Future Contract Dilemma Amid Joining Mets Rumor

Juan Soto has been the biggest addition to the New York Yankees’ roster in the winter. They desperately needed a superstar lefty slugger who could adapt well to Yankee Stadium. The front office considered a few options, but none was better than the Dominican slugger. The Bronx Bombers got the best hitter in baseball. But there is a good possibility that it might just last for one year. However, the NY side will try to get the most out of the Dominican superstar this year. Moreover, his partnership with Aaron Judge is something the fans are eagerly waiting to see.

In fact, this duo of Judge and Soto is making the Yankees look like a top contender for making it to the World Series. It has been a long time since the NY side won a World Series. They made it to the “Big Dance” in 2009 and won it. That was the last time the Yankees Faithful saw the team in the World Series. Hence, it is really high time for the Pinstripes to turn things around. And that’s what the Soto-Judge duo will boost the team to do. But the question is if this duo will stay together in 2025, too. Lately, Juan Soto was checking a bat that resembled the Mets color. What does that mean?


Will Juan Soto Join The Mets In 2025?

Juan Soto Scott Boras
Juan Soto Scott Boras Source: Tiempo Extra

The Dominican superstar will be a free agent at the end of the 2024 season. Clearly, he will be the biggest name in free agency next winter. There will be so many teams looking to offer him a long-term deal. Perhaps that’s what Juan Soto will be looking for next winter, not something like the one-year deal he signed with the Pinstripes this winter. Moreover, the New York Mets can offer him the biggest deal that Soto might be worth deservingly. It might be well above $500 million over nine years. The Yankees can make a big move for Juan Soto, too.

They are no strangers to big contracts. But the Dominican superstar said he leaves the contract situation on his agent Scott Boras. He has complete faith in Boras. All he wants to do is play baseball. He does not really care about money. Lately, different representatives from bat companies have visited different clubhouses to sell their lumber to players. On Wednesday morning, Juan Soto was examining a few bats. While he was doing so, he chose a bat that was powder blue in color. After gripping and squeezing it, he tried taking a couple of swings with that bat. 

The Dominican Slugger Feels At Home In The Bronx

Juan Soto Yankees
Juan Soto Yankees Source: MLB.com

Juan Soto mentioned earlier that there is a huge Dominican diaspora in New York. It will feel like home when he will wear the Pinstripes. Moreover, he started the spring training, donning the new uniform on a positive note. Fans are already seeing a future where Aaron Judge and Juan Soto takes the Yankees to the World Series with their power hitting. Both Judge and Soto can compete for the AL MVP this year.

Moreover, it looks like the two superstars have built a good chemistry. That might take them a longer way together than just one season. But the other New York side might be knocking on the doors of Soto. Now, the fans wonder what Soto’s answer will be when the Mets offer a pretty good contract.

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