Jos And Max Verstappen
Jos And Max Verstappen Source: Eurosport

Max Verstappen is having a hard time focusing as Red Bull is dealing with an internal power struggle. However, it does not seem to be distracting the Dutch racer too much. After all, he is still winning and building another streak. Only time can tell when some other driver will win again. Clearly, the Austrian outfit is still the best in terms of performance. They still have the strongest package. And Max is still unbeaten. However, only two races have been over so far in 2024. There is still a very long and hectic schedule to go for the teams and the drivers.

However, Max Verstappen managed to win 19 races in 2023, helping Red Bull win 21 races overall. If the Austrian outfit can maintain the same level of consistency, they should easily clinch the constructor and driver’s world championships. The hectic schedule won’t make much of a difference. However, the Milton Keynes outfit must deal with the internal power struggle as well as possible. Lately, Jos Verstappen talked about his son and what he needed to do to focus on his performance. 


Jos Verstappen Described How Max Verstappen Is Dealing With The Internal Red Bull Situation

Jos And Max Verstappen
Jos And Max Verstappen Source: PlanetF1

Father Verstappen says the three-time champion is not letting himself get distracted from racing. Recently, in an interview with Sporza, Jos said these things are part of the game. But he knows the value of staying calm. Senior Verstappen also said it is necessary to regain calm in the team. However, Jos said it would take some time, he thinks, seeing the circumstances. Moreover, the father of three-time champions said that all they could hope was that the team would start focusing on racing again because “That’s what it is all about.” Adding to that, Jos mentioned that the most important thing is that Max continues to win. There is nothing wrong between him and the engineers, and the car is running really well.

Hence, Jos feels maintaining the winning habit is important irrespective of what happens inside or outside. But senior Verstappen also knows that a lot of questions that have nothing to do with the race will keep coming at his son. In such situations, Jos knows his son won’t like it, but Max Verstappen can only switch off a certain part. Jos knows that these are all part of Formula 1. Lately, Christian Horner mentioned no one personality is bigger than the team. The Red Bull boss made such comments after Max Verstappen threatened to leave if Helmut Marko got suspended. 

Is The Austrian Parent Company Backing Horner Over Verstappen?

Christian Horner Helmut Marko Red Bull
Christian Horner Helmut Marko Red Bull Source: Daily Express

Recently, the Mirror reported that several shareholders, including Red Bull CEOs Oliver Mintzlaff and Franz Watzlawick, backed Christian Horner. According to reports, the Red Bull F1 team boss also got backing from Chalerm Yoodivhya, the Thai shareholder. Moreover, the Mirror reported that these company shareholders won’t stop supporting Christian Horner in the investigation chaos even if Max Verstappen wants to leave. They would let the current triple-time champion go.

Previously, Max Verstappen told Sky Sports that he believes the team must stay together because that’s how they have performed so well. Hence, Max wants Marko to stay in Red Bull and openly talks about his loyalty to the 80-year-old advisor. Moreover, Verstappen mentioned what Marko has done for him goes very far. Finally, Max Verstappen made it clear that Marko must stay for him in Red Bull as the star racer feels Helmut has been a key factor in their success.

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