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In his third year in the NBA, Jonathan Kuminga of the Golden State Warriors is becoming known for getting even better at scoring points. He gives credit to his friends on the team, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, who are like basketball legends. Kuminga recently talked about how playing with them helps him learn and do better in games. In their latest game against the Orlando Magic, he showed off his skills, scoring 19 points and helping the team win. Let’s dive into how Kuminga’s improvement is making the Golden State Warriors even more exciting to watch!

Kuminga Credits Teammates for Great Growth

The young talent emphasized the impact of playing with two of the league’s most feared players after their recent victory against the Orlando Magic at the Chase Center in San Francisco. In a post-game interview, Kuminga expressed, “We got Steph. We got Klay. Everybody in this league is afraid of those two people. So just knowing how to play with them opens up a lot of things.”

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Against the Orlando Magic, Kuminga showcased his offensive skills by contributing 19 points on 7-of-14 shooting. In addition, he grabbed six rebounds, provided four assists, and blocked two shots during the intense 34-minute game. Meanwhile, his performance complemented Curry’s 36-point lead, with Thompson adding 15 points of his own. The victory against the Orlando Magic marked a crucial break for the Warriors. It ended their three-game losing streak and elevated their season record to 16-17.

Magic’s Struggle Continues As Warriors Win

The defeat was the second consecutive loss for the Orlando Magic. It dropped their record to 19-14 and placed them fourth in the Eastern Conference. Selected seventh overall in the 2021 draft, the Congolese forward is confident in his offensive abilities. Also, he straightforwardly states, “I’ma keep it real with you.” Me with the ball, nobody’s guarding me.” Kuminga, despite his individual skills, understands the importance of patience and balance. He recognizes the continuous impact of Curry and Thompson in offensive plays.

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NBA/Jonathan Kuminga

In the ongoing NBA campaign, Kuminga is setting career highs with 12.5 points and four rebounds in 21.8 minutes per game. Beyond the statistics, he has become a vital component in the Golden State rotation, stepping up following the departure of some key players. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr praised Kuminga, stating, “’JK’s been fantastic. I think this is the best stretch of basketball he’s ever played.” Furthermore, as the Warriors navigate the season, Kuminga’s growth stands as a promising factor, adding depth to the team’s offensive arsenal. With the seasoned guidance of Curry and Thompson, the young forward is poised for a stellar future in the NBA.