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Mercedes AMG Petronas, led by seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton and his new teammate George Russell, encountered difficulties throughout the 2022 season. They faced stiff competition from rivals like Red Bull Racing and Ferrari. The team’s struggles were particularly evident in races where they struggled to match the pace set by their competitors.

The main factor contributing to the struggles was Mercedes’ ambitious “zeropod” concept. While a win at Brazil encouraged them to carry forward the concept into 2023, the decision turned out to be the team’s biggest mistake to date. Meanwhile, as the Silver Arrows recorded a winless season for the first time in the past decade, the team’s technical director, James Allison, made a major revelation.


James Allison Says Mercedes’ Discipline And Coordination Fragmented After 2022 Season Slump!

Lewis Hamilton

The 2022 Formula 1 season brought unexpected challenges for Mercedes. While the team enjoyed a dominant run in the turbo hybrid era, the change of regulation worked against them. The Silver Arrows were dethroned in 2022 by Red Bull Racing, and since then, the team’s performance has just plummeted. After the end of another disastrous season, the team’s new technical director, James Allison, confessed how the Brackley-based team headed onto the path of destruction to recover from the initial slump. He says that for a team that is accustomed to staying at the top, it was difficult for the group to deal with unprecedented challenges. Moreover, the urgency to recover from the slump led the team to a path of destruction.

James Allison feels that to build a robust car, all specialist departments have to remain in harmony and coordination. The aerodynamics, the vehicle dynamics, and the drawing office must work together to achieve the end goal. However, in 2022, Mercedes’ coordination went for a toss. “Probably the most destructive pattern that we as a group got into over that difficult period from when our crown first slipped was that we fragmented more than we should have done,” said Allison. Having said that, ahead of the 2024 season, the Silver Arrows are committed to retaining competitiveness. Allison adds that necessary changes to the car have already been made. Hopefully, the team succeeds in providing its drivers a shot at champion in 2024.

Lewis Hamilton Lays Faith On Silver Arrows After W14 Struggles!

Lewis Hamilton
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Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton, who signed a two-year extension contract with Mercedes earlier this year, says that he trusts the team to pull off a comeback in 2024. Hamilton added that retirement didn’t cross his mind during contract negotiation as his faith remained intact. Lewis says that with the right changes and productive conversations, Silver Arrows can fall back into the right path.

“I do have faith that we will get there,” said Lewis Hamilton. Having said that, the British driver is also wary of Red Bull’s progress. He feels Mercedes would have to wait and watch what the drink-based outfit comes in 2024. Regardless, the seven-time world champion is satisfied with the work being put in until now. And is hopeful of a turnaround next season.