Hal Steinbrenner Yankees
Hal Steinbrenner Yankees Source: Sporting News

The New York Yankees had one of the worst seasons in their history. In the last thirty years, the Bronx Bombers had not performed as poorly as they did in 2023. They had a lot of injury issues, and it really cost the 27-time World Series Champions. However, the NY franchise has not been near a World Series for a long time. Moreover, Aaron Boone became the team’s manager in 2018. Since then, the NY team never missed a postseason until this year. However, they could never go too far in the postseason. But this year, it was the height of disappointing the fans.

They missed the postseason for the first time since 2016. A lot of dedicated Yankees fans want the team to remove manager Aaron Boone. But Boone still has one more guaranteed season in his three-year contract with the Yankees. However, even the franchise owner Hal Steinbrenner mentioned specific changes that can happen after the debacle of the current 2023 season. In the offseason, the Yankees front office had some meetings regarding certain personnel changes over the last week.


Yankees Owner Mentioned Some Personnel Changes Are On The Way

Yankees Source: NBC New York

During a panel discussion on Wednesday, the Yankees owner mentioned as a team, they have uncovered certain aspects where they can do a lot better. As a result, Hal said that they’d make some changes more subtle than others. Moreover, the Yankees President Randy Levine was also present during the panel discussion at the Sports conference at Sportico’s Invest. The Associated Press asked Hal Steinbrenner what kind of changes the team can make.

In reply, Hal said that anything is possible. They can come to a conclusion after having more discussions. As usual, the Yankees had a big payroll for the 2023 season, estimated to be $281 million, along with a luxury tax bill projected at $31 million. Hence, it is high time to make some serious changes. That’s what the Yankees owner was talking about. Moreover, Hal mentioned a group of 15 team officials had a meeting in Tampa, Florida, last week.

Hal Steinbrenner Said Every Discussion Will Happen In A Respectful Way

Hal Steinbrenner Yankees
Hal Steinbrenner Yankees Source: Fox News

The Yankees owner recalled what he discussed in these meetings. Moreover, Hal Steinbrenner mentioned that it is essential to challenge everything, the team’s philosophies, practices, and stuff, but in a respectful manner. Adding to that, Hal said it is vital to criticize each other but also important to check the egos at the door. The Yankee’s owner said these meetings got dicey at times but was respectful constantly. Most importantly, the Yankees team discussed everything from the general health of the players and their clubhouse culture to analytics.

Also, the team discussed what they do in the weight room, biomechanics, and so on. On Tuesday, Hal had a meeting with the Yankees captain Aaron Judge. Moreover, the Yankees owner wants to speak with Gerrit Cole, their ace pitcher. During the panel discussion, Hal Steinbrenner mentioned there will be possibly some changes in personnel, but not necessarily. Hal’s father, George, bought the franchise in 1973. Moreover, Steinbrenner mentioned the franchise will stay within the family.