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CHECKOUT How Steve Kerr Almost Ruined The Warriors Dynasty As He Partly Traded Stephen Curry To The Suns

In the world of NBA history, the Golden State Warriors dynasty stands as proof of perfect teamwork and strategy. However, this incredible chapter almost faced a surprising obstacle that could have changed the course of basketball history. Surprisingly, the person behind this potential problem was none other than the crucial figure in the Warriors’ success. Their head coach, Steve Kerr, played an unexpected role in nearly altering the team’s destiny.

The Almost Trade That Could Have Changed Everything

In a recent interview, Steve Kerr and the Warriors’ iconic star, Stephen Curry, revealed a surprising revelation. They opened up about a near-trade that nearly kept Curry from becoming the face of the Warriors. Kerr, once the general manager of the Phoenix Suns, shared his attempt to get Curry before the 2009 NBA draft. On Showtime’s Headliners with Rachel Nichols, Kerr explained, “We were looking at Steph and seeing Steve Nash, the next version… We tried to trade for him, and we thought we had a deal the night before the draft.”

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The suspense reached its peak as the deal teetered on the edge of completion. However, fate had different plans. The deal fell through, sending waves of relief through the Warriors’ draft room as they realized that Curry was still within their grasp. This twist of destiny turned out to be a defining moment in the creation of the Warriors’ dynasty.

Journey Of Steve Kerr Before The Dynasty

Before guiding the likes of Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr had already left a mark on the NBA landscape. Serving as the Phoenix Suns’ part-owner and general manager from 2007 to 2010, Kerr orchestrated strategic moves in pursuit of a championship. Notable acquisitions included seasoned players such as Shaquille O’Neal, Boris Diaw, and Raja Bell. Despite his efforts, the Suns fell short of capturing the elusive title, leading Kerr to step down in 2010. Little did he know that this departure would eventually pave the way for his coaching tenure with the Warriors.

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Steph Curry and Steve Kerr laid bare the intricate details of the almost-trade during an episode of “Headliners” with Rachel Nichols. They revisited the saga, providing insights into the behind-the-scenes events that unfolded. Kerr shed light on the thought process. He stated, “We were looking at Steph (Curry) and seeing Steve Nash, you know, the next version.” The uncanny resemblance between Curry and Nash fueled the Suns’ pursuit of the trade. Kerr revealed they believed a deal was imminent. When Curry unexpectedly fell to the seventh pick in the draft, they eagerly anticipated sealing the deal. However, fate had different plans, and the anticipated trade never materialized. This turn of events left Curry an indispensable force in the Warriors’ journey.

The story of the almost-trade between the Phoenix Suns and the Golden State Warriors remains a captivating “what-if” in the history of the NBA. Fortunately, destiny favored the Warriors, allowing Kerr and Curry to form an alliance that would go on to secure four championships. This twist of fate, initially perceived as a setback, evolved into a fascinating chapter in the extraordinary journey of the Golden State Warriors—a tale of resilience, strategy, and the unforeseen moments that shape the course of basketball greatness.