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Aaron Judge has been the only superstar slugger of the New York Yankees for a while. Moreover, he has been the 16th captain in the franchise’s history. He won the American League Most Valued Player award in 2022 because the NY side’s captain broke the league’s home run record in the regular season. Moreover, Judge hit as many as 62 homers in 2022’s regular season. Even last year, he was on his way to hitting a lot more home runs until a freak accident at the Los Angeles Dodgers fence caused a severe toe injury. This toe injury kept the Yankees captain out for 35 games on the trot. But his absence proved to be a fatal blow for his team.

Eventually, the damage was so deep that the Pinstripes failed to make the postseason last year. Albeit, Aaron Judge did return at the fag end of the 2023 regular season. But the damage was already done. Later, in the offseason, the Yankees landed Juan Soto from the San Diego Padres and Alex Verdugo from the Boston Red Sox. Now, the outfield looks even more solid than before. Nevertheless, Aaron Judge is still the most significant player in the team. And the King of New York Sports makes a lot of money to prove his significance, too.


How Important Is Aaron Judge To The Yankees?

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge receives the 2023 Roberto Clemente Award via MLB Twitter

Aaron Judge is quite possibly among the top two most popular baseball players in the world. As one of the most famous baseball players in the world, it should not come as a big surprise that the Yankees captain is one of the highest-paid players in the sport. Judge made an explosive debut in 2016. Later, he broke the home run record in 2022. There are so many more countless memories Judge has given his fans to savor. Last year, Aaron Judge signed a massive contract with the New York Yankees. Other than his significance on the field, his off-field popularity is just growing bigger and bigger. That’s why different brands approach him constantly.

As a result, Aaron Judge is worth a lot of money, and it will only grow even more. In 2024, Celebrity Net Worth states that Aaron Judge is worth $50 million. The explosiveness of the Yankees captain has made him the center of media attention as well as from the fans ever since his career started. But this year, the NY side’s captain will earn $40 million salary. Besides his income, his foundation, All Rise, makes endorsements with a lot of brands like Jordan Brand, JBL, HULU, Pepsi, Bloomingdale’s, Jersey Mike’s, Fanatics, and so on. In 2022-23, Forbes stated that Aaron Judge made $4.5 million from such endorsements.

Yankees Pay The 2022 AL MVP Pretty Well

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The bulk of the income of Aaron Judge comes from his profession. He signed a nine-year deal worth $360 million with the New York Yankees on December 7, 2022. As he progresses in his career, the humungous $40 million annual salary will surely increase his net worth. Besides Judge being a phenomenal baseball player, he proved that he’s pretty charitable with his foundation, All Rise.

The 16th captain of the franchise’s history doesn’t forget his roots. That’s why he makes sure to contribute to society in a massive way. All Rise is a foundation to help children realize their dreams and reach full potential along with becoming responsible citizens. In the organization’s latest gala on January 25, 2024, they were able to raise around $800K for their foundation.

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