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CHECKOUT: How LeBron James Is Redefining Longevity In NBA Heading Toward His 21st Season?

LeBron James has been a big freak of nature ever since he debuted in the NBA. First of all, he was the most anticipated debutant in the league for a long time. Lately, Victor Wembanyama’s debut in the league has been highly anticipated. Both James and Wembanyama were the overall number one draft in the NBA. Now, it is a question if Victor can follow in the footsteps of the King to thrive in the league. But it won’t be easy to repeat what King James achieved in his incredible career. LBJ is only the sixth player in the NBA’s history to play over 20 years.

Anyway, the all-time leading scorer is redefining the concept of longevity in the NBA. There is no doubt that he is still the face of the league. Most importantly, he is arguably the GOAT of the NBA. However, there have been a few signs of his physical decline, as he has been more prone to injuries in the last three seasons. Last season, the King sat out for almost a month due to a severe tendon injury on his right foot. But then he came back stronger to help the Lakers make the playoffs and even reach the Western Conference Finals.


What’s The Secret Of LBJ’s Successful Longevity?

LeBron James
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Recently, in an interview, LeBron James mentioned that he is certainly not a 21-year-old anymore, and his body keeps reminding him every now and then. It is certainly not possible for everyone else to notice if LBJ can feel the years. He believes that in terms of energy level, he still feels pretty good. Austin Reaves also mentioned that Bron sure doesn’t play like an old man, as he keeps making others look bad in practice. What makes him different?

Apparently, LeBron James says the key is focus and passion for the purity of the game. According to him, it is essential to respect the ones who came before him and respect the game completely. LeBron James does not have any clue as to what the end is going to look like. But he discussed it with family and friends and came to the conclusion that he still has a lot remaining in the tank. And he puts in a lot of hard work on and off the court, as he believes there is no substitution for hard work.

LeBron James Still Going Strong At 38

LeBron James Lakers Workout
LeBron James Lakers Workout Source: Merdiano

LeBron James is the man to break the 38-year-old record of all-time leading score that belonged to the “Captain” of the Los Angeles Lakers, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Currently, King James is 38 years old. But he is showing no signs of slowing down. Moreover, the new all-time leading scorer is training like a rookie to get ready for his 21st season in the NBA.

All these factors justify people’s comments that LBJ is a big force of nature. Very few greats in the league managed to play over 20 years in the NBA. Kobe Bryant and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played in the league for twenty years. There was a point in time after the Lakers were out of the previous season when King James gave two hints of retirement. But later, he changed his mind for whatever reason it may be.