Aaron Judge
New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

In a historic display of power and precision, New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge etched his name into baseball’s annals last night by accomplishing a remarkable feat—hitting three home runs in a single game for the second time in one season. This extraordinary achievement unfolded during the seventh inning of a thrilling matchup against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Judge, a five-time All-Star, electrified fans and left a resounding mark on the sport’s rich history.
This remarkable display of raw power not only solidified the Yankees’ Captain’s status as a formidable force in the lineup but also brought him closer to legendary status. Judge’s remarkable 62 home runs in the previous season had already shattered the American League record, held by the iconic Roger Maris since 1961. With this latest three-home-run performance, Aaron Judge continues to redefine the limits of what is possible on the baseball diamond, ensuring his legacy in the pantheon of baseball’s greatest sluggers for generations to come.

Aaron Judge Elated With Fans’ Love After Achieving Another Record

Following his historic three-home-run performance in the game against the Diamondbacks, Aaron Judge was understandably delighted, and his emotions reflected the gravity of his accomplishment. With a smile that lit up Yankee Stadium, Judge shared his thoughts on this incredible achievement, saying, “It’s incredible. You see the list of players that have come through here, the retired numbers out there, but I just tried to do my job.” His humility and dedication to the game were evident in his words, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and fulfilling his role on the team.


As Judge rounded the bases after each of his monumental home runs, he experienced a heartwarming moment of recognition and appreciation from the Yankee Stadium crowd. In response, the reigning AL MVP graciously took a curtain call, showing his gratitude for the unwavering support of the passionate Yankee fans. He remarked, “Anytime Yankee fans want to show some love and appreciation, I love it. It was a pretty cool moment right there.

Tough Year For The Yankees’ Captain

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge sent a message to his teammates with his postgame comments on Tuesday, saying execution needs to be better if the Yankees want to make the playoffs.AP

Despite missing nearly eight weeks due to an injury this season, Judge has continued to be a powerhouse for the Yankees, tallying 35 home runs and 70 RBIs in just 100 games. He candidly acknowledged the missed opportunities during his injury-related absence but remained focused on contributing to his team’s success. Aaron Judge’s dedication and talent continue to make him a beloved figure in the world of baseball and an icon in the storied history of the New York Yankees. With this feat, Judge became the sixth player in franchise history with multiple three-homer games.