A home run from Aaron Judge and contributions from a bunch of rookies, Jasson Dominguez included, keyed the Yankees’ 5-4 win in Houston on Saturday night.AP

Jasson Dominguez, the New York Yankees no.2 prospect of the farm system, staged an unthinkable debut in pinstripes. The 20-year-old got a promotion out of the blue owing to an unusual youth moment, and he made it count. The kid slammed a home run on debut and backed it up by three more in the next six games, which helped him set up franchise history.

However, Jasson Dominguez met his ill fate as his dream run came to an abrupt halt. A couple of weeks ago, the kid tore the UCL of his right elbow by ignoring the initial discomfort. It worsened, and the Martian had to head for immediate surgery. Having said that, Dominguez had a heartwarming interaction with captain Aaron Judge, which left the prospect in complete awe.


Aaron Judge’s Moving Gesture Leaves Yankees Prospect Emotional!

Everson Pereira, Jasson Domínguez, and Aaron Judge celebrate after the Yankees win. via Twitter NYY

Jason Dominguez made an unusually quick entry into the major leagues this season. Weeks after Triple-A promotion, the kid found himself in the Yankee clubhouse. Naturally, for a 20-year-old, the sudden change was overwhelming. However, captain Aaron Judge’s humble gesture put Dominguez at ease. In a recent interview, he disclosed how Judge went out of his way to help him. Dominguez said that on the other day, he and the captain were seated together for a meal. They both happened to finish the meal together, and Judge offered the 20-year-old to help him out with his plate. “I told all of my family, ‘Judge took my plate. It was a big surprise to me,” added Dominguez.

Aaron Judge, meanwhile, opened up on the same incident and said that he was just trying to help and the gesture was nothing extraordinary. The captain explained, saying in the Yankee clubhouse, everybody is equal, be it a High A or Low A guy. As long as one is wearing the NY logo, his stature or experience as a player does not matter at all. “I’ve always tried to do that. Other guys have done that for me. We’re a team,” added Judge. Well, it was certainly a sweet gesture from the slugger to make the youngsters feel comfortable and at ease. A lot of emotion runs into a teenager when he first steps into the big league. During this time, even the smallest consideration from a player like Aaron Judge does wonders.

Aaron Judge’s Bobblehead Day Fails To Garner Fans’ Attention!

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge sent a message to his teammates with his postgame comments on Tuesday, saying execution needs to be better if the Yankees want to make the playoffs.AP

Meanwhile, the New York Yankees have announced Aaron Judge’s Bobblehead Day for Saturday, September 23. Apparently, the first 18,000 guests will receive the captain’s bobblehead. However, the fans seem disinterested. Since the Yanks season is over, the fans are not convinced to buy expensive tickets for the bobblehead day.

To be fair, the fans have nothing to look forward to. The season is already lost, with most regular players sidelined due to injuries. Having said that, the Yankees will still aim to finish the season on a high. They have 12 games left on the schedule to make an impact and set foot right into 2024.