Juan Soto
Credit: Randy Litzinger/Icon Sportswire

To recover from a season like 2023, the New York Yankees would need time. However, the only leverage the front office does not have is time. They need to gather themselves quickly to start preparations for the 2024 season, beginning with better roster construction. The holes left unaddressed during 2023 need to be filled urgently.

One of the biggest concerns surrounding Yankees roster construction is the empty left field. This very void hurt the Bombers the most during the 2023 season. Thus, the front office is determined to fill out the gap during the off-season. Meanwhile, a blockbuster trade rumor has been swirling around the market. But will the Yanks take the plunge?


Yankees Should Trade Juan Soto Despite High Asking Price!

Everson Pereira and Oswald Peraza smile during BP. via Twitter NYY

A few days ago, rumors had it that the New York Yankees are the preferred landing spot for San Diego Padres superstar Juan Soto. The outfielder has become a generational sensation at just 25 years of age. While the trade seems tempting, the asking price remains equally high. As per current speculations, the Padres won’t settle for anything less than Michael King, Oswald Peraza, Everson Pereira, and Johnny Brito. Now, that’s a lot of young talent to sacrifice for just one Soto. However, it does make sense for the Bronx Bombers, considering their circumstances. Yanks have gone 13 years without a championship ring. Moreover, players like Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole are in the middle of their prime.

Thus, the Yankees do not have any time to waste. Undoubtedly, King, Peraza, Pereira, and Brito are young with extensive potential. However, it would take years for the Bombers to groom them. But, right now, the team needs an established player who could anchor Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole to contest for the championship. Therefore, Juan Soto makes sense for the Yanks. He is just 25 and a quality left-handed hitter and left fielder. The dynamics of the Yankees stadium will suit him the most, and he can bring the much-needed balance to the hitting lineup, which currently remains heavily dominated by right-handed hitters. It’s a price the Bombers will have to pay for the sake of a World Series Ring. Their time is now, and it calls for bold moves.

Cheaper Option For Yanks If Juan Soto Fall Out Of Lap!

Cody Bellinger, Juan Soto

If at all Brian Cashman fails to show the guts to land Juan Soto this off-season, a cheaper alternative could be Cody Bellinger. The outfielder had a breakout season with the Chicago Cubs in 2023. He nearly lifted the team to playoffs single-handedly. But things fell out of place at the last moment. Regardless, Bellinger will enter free agency in 2024, and the Yanks should look to pounce on the opportunity before it’s too late.

Cody Bellinger has consistency issues. But that can be ignored, considering his potential to make a difference when in form. A short-term deal should be ideal for the Yankees to see if he fits into the squad. After all, Cody has given all the reason to believe that he would attain success in the Bronx by slamming homers at the Yankee stadium in the 2023 regular season. Thus, if not Soto, it has to be Bellinger.