Carlos Rodon

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Carlos Rodon, the New York Yankees most prized off-season acquisition, looked promising at the start of the year. However, persisting injuries, lack of patience, and consistency got the better of the right-handed pitcher. In a season limited to only 14 starts, Rodon ended the year with a 6.85 ERA and 64 strikeouts.

Needless to say, the Yankees expected a lot more from the 30-year-old thrower. Also, Carlos Rodon landed on the wrong side of the Yankee fan base with his uncanny on-field antics. Regardless, the pitcher, with five years left on the contract, will look to bounce back in 2024, and here’s how the pitching coach plans on helping him get his rhythm back.


Yankees Pitching Coach Reveals Off-Season Plan For Bust Carlos Rodon!

Carlos Rodón turned his back on pitching coach Matt Blake during a mound visit on Friday night.AP

Carlos Rodon wasn’t at the best of his behavior with Yankees pitching coach Matt Blake during his final start of the season. He turned his back to Blake while the latter was just trying to help calm his nerves. The act of disrespect was later acknowledged by the pitcher with an apology. Nonetheless, Matt Blake is ready to put that all behind to start the preparations for the 2024 season on a clean slate. He recently opened up on the plans he has in mind for Rodon. Blake said that keeping the starting pitcher healthy would undoubtedly remain the team’s top priority. Only once Rodon feels at 100% can he even think of putting the pitcher on reps.

Matt Blake further elaborated that they want improved consistency from Carlos Rodon in 2024. The fastball velocity, which dropped significantly towards the last stretch, needs to touch the 95 mph benchmark that too on a consistent basis. Blake knows that command over fastballs remains Rodon’s biggest strength. Thus, they need that strength in full display next season. Barring these two aspects, Blake does not have any special thing planned for the off-season bust. He just hopes that the pitcher stays healthy for the entirety of the 162-game stretch. Health holds the key to Rodon’s success. All things said and done, Carlos Rodon’s performance next season will play an essential role in the Yankees championship campaign. He will likely be the key difference between a lost and a successful season.

Carlos Rodon Promises To Bounce Back In 2024!

Carlos Rodon
Carlos Rodon blows a kiss to fans after exiting his start against the Angels on Wednesday. Prime

Meanwhile, Carlos Rodon, on a personal level, understands his responsibility as the New York Yankees lead pitcher. In an interview with NJ Media, the pitcher acknowledged the underwhelming performance and offered no excuses. He does not want to deceive the fans by sugarcoating anything, as he reckons that the Yankee fanbase is too smart for that.

Further, the starting pitcher assured the fans of a strong comeback in 2024. He says the Yankees are paying him handsomely to be a pitcher who could make 33 starts a season. So, going into 2024, that would be his goal: to last 33 starts while maintaining a decent ERA and high strikeout count. Having said that, only time will reveal if Carlos Rodon ends up as the find of the season or an absolute bust in the coming couple of years.