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One of the primary reasons why the New York Yankees went down the hill this season was due to the incessant amount of injuries that spanned throughout the season. From Aaron Judge’s Dodgers stadium wall collision to Anthony Rizzo’s concussion to Carlos Rodon’s chronic back issue, a large section of the roster spent ridiculous time on the injury list.

The constant injury issue has put the New York Yankees strength and conditioning team under the scanner. The new committee that came on board in 2020 failed to make a difference. Amid intense criticism, the Yankee front office indirectly declared their decision on the future of Eric Cressey-led conditioning staff ahead of the 2024 season.


Hal Steinbrenner “Comfortable” With Yankees Conditioning Staff Amid Calls For Imminent Ouster!

Hal Steinbrenner is “angry” about the state of the Yankees. Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

This season, as many as 28 Yankee players spent 38 combined stints on injury list. Additionally, those injured players earned 82 million while being on IL. The situation was largely similar in 2022 as well. After witnessing the highest number of IL stints in 2019, a new conditioning committee led by Eric Cressey was appointed in 2020. However, the health status of the players stayed largely indifferent. Having said that, the Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner is in no mood to sack any personnel this off-season. During his Tuesday press address, Steinbrenner said that the franchise did look into the matter but found no smoking gun for an immediate fix.

He feels at the end of the day, injuries are a part of sport, and some are just unavoidable. “But I’m very comfortable with our training staff and very comfortable with our strength and conditioning staff as well,” Steinbrenner reckoned. It clearly suggests that the Eric Cressey-led conditioning staff will keep their job profiles for the next season as well. While injuries are indeed part and parcel of any sport, it’s important for the Yankees to look for ways to limit those setbacks. Constant monitoring and improved training patterns, among other improvements, could be enforced. Most importantly, better roster construction is the need of the hour for the Yanks. The injury-prone veterans should see themselves out. Also, the front office must ensure that the fresh inflow of players age stays minimal.

Brian Cashman Says How Players Train During Off-Season Not In Team’s Control!

Brian Cashman
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Meanwhile, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman echoed the owner’s sentiments. In his media address, Cashman said that none of the injuries that occurred during the season was Eric Cressey’s fault. But that won’t stop them from looking for ways to improve. The GM further stated that some players pick up niggle while training during the off-season, which is out of their control as it does not happen on their watch.

Brian Cashman cited the example of Nestor Cortes while making his point. Cortes pulled his hamstring during WBC, which led to his absence on opening day. Additionally, Cashman confirmed that Cressey and his team have the backing of the players, specifically of captain Aaron Judge. Having said that, the GM wants to change the set narrative by putting together a better and healthier roster going forward. “Bring somehow, someway, a much-improved situation, healthier and a better roster to change the narrative,” said Cashman.