The once-strong Golden State Warriors, known for dominating the NBA, are having a tough season with a disappointing 4-10 record after initially looking promising at 6-2. Despite Stephen Curry’s excellent performances, the team is struggling and heading in the wrong direction. In this article, we’ll break down three important things the Warriors need to do right away to fix their season and get back into the competition in the highly competitive NBA.

Warriors: Fixing the Problem Of Losing the Ball

Throughout their history, the Warriors have always had a problem with giving away the ball too much. This season is no different. Right now, they’re ranked 26th in how often they lose possession. In a recent game against Oklahoma City, the Warriors experienced a staggering 28 turnovers. This marked the highest number of turnovers by any team in over two years. Starting players like Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, and Kevon Looney are struggling, and this issue needs urgent attention. In the second unit, Chris Paul excels at taking care of the ball, showcasing his adept skills in ball management. His proficiency in this role amplifies the noticeable impact he has on the team. Fixing this problem is crucial to getting back control and finesse on the court.

NBA/Chris Paul

The Warriors’ great history is linked to players like Thompson, Looney, and, more recently, Wiggins. But this season shows a clear drop in their performance. Thompson, once renowned for his sharpshooting prowess, now faces challenges in selecting optimal shots. His 3-point success rate has hit a career-low at 35.4 percent. Wiggins, expected to be a crucial player on both offense and defense, is grappling with challenges in various areas. His struggles extend to scoring, assists, rebounds, and defensive contributions. Looney, who usually plays solidly, is surprisingly shaky this year. On the other hand, young talents like Moses Moody and Brandin Podziemski are doing well and need more playtime. This suggests a need to shift away from relying too much on the older players.

Making a Tough Choice With Klay Thompson

Looking at how the team is doing, the Warriors face a difficult decision about Klay Thompson. Even though he did a lot for the team before, this season he’s having a hard time, and his contract is ending soon. Considering trades for high-level players like Zach LaVine or Pascal Siakam could bring in new talent and fix problems with scoring and size. This decision is urgent because Stephen Curry is turning 36 soon, and the time for winning another championship is running out. The Warriors need to make bold moves to change their team and give Curry the best chance at getting one more championship ring.

Klay Thompson
NBA/Klay Thompson

In the face of challenges, the Golden State Warriors find themselves at a crucial point. The choices they make in the next few weeks will not only decide how the rest of this season goes but also shape the legacy of a team that was once at the top of the NBA. Whether it’s fixing turnovers, giving more chances to young players, or making the hard choice to trade a beloved veteran, the Warriors need to make decisions quickly to get back into the competition and support Stephen Curry’s goal of winning one more championship as his career reaches its final stages.