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CHECKOUT: Gerrit Cole & DJ LeMahieu Lead New York Yankees To Get Their Second Win In 12 Games

The New York Yankees are on the verge of elimination before the playoffs. They have not been able to win a series in the last nine outings. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers recently lost nine games in a row. For the fans, it has been really disappointing because the 27-time champions have very little chances to make the playoffs.

There is no point feeling sad about what happened in the past, and the Yankees know it. Currently, they are facing the American League side leading in the Wild Card, Tampa Bay Rays, in their next series. Surprisingly enough, the Yankees beat the Rays 6-2 on Friday. DJ LeMahieu hit a couple of homers for the first time in two years. Later, Gerrit Cole was in superb touch, matching his season-high 11 strikeouts.


DJ LeMahieu And Gerrit Cole Helps The NY Side Get Off To A Good Start Against The Rays

Gerrit Cole Yankees
Gerrit Cole Yankees Source: Yahoo Sports

However, the Yankees are still in danger of breaking their 30 years of winning seasons. But DJ and Gerrit helped get the team to a good start to the season. They make the fans wonder what the season could have been like with similar all-round efforts from the team. Moreover, Gerrit Cole lowered his league-leading ERA to 2.95. Later, Cole mentioned in an interview that last night was good. He knows there is no point reminiscing about the past.

But Cole seems happy to help the team get off to a good start against the Rays. Moreover, the Yankees manager mentioned it was really good to see DJ LeMahieu hitting those homers. He built a little speed while swinging. Aaron Boone thought DJ was a little faster. Moreover, Boone praised Gerrit Cole, saying he is in the middle of a really special season. On top of that, Boone feels Cole’s performance was just as good as it gets on Friday.                 

Yankees Look To Change The Momentum

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Currently, the Yankees are last at the American League East Standings. Baltimore Orioles lead the AL East group. They have a far superior record than the rest in the group, with a .625 record. On the other hand, the Bronx Bombers are the worst in the AL East, with a .484 record. So far, the Yankees have a 62-66 win-loss ratio. That’s why they are at the bottom of the table. But the Yankees will try and get the most out of the games remaining in the regular season.

In the series against the Washington Nationals, Aaron Judge’s back in form was the most significant plus point for the Bronx Bombers. The slugger who has the record for most home runs in a season was not having a great season this year. Judge hit a record 62 homers last year. Despite what happened last season, this year has been really tough for the New York players. To help the team get some momentum back, the record home run slugger was on fire against the Nationals. The Yankees were able to break their losing streak, winning a game against the Nationals. However, they could not win the series.