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Reggie Jackson, often referred to as “Mr. October” for his legendary postseason heroics, is considered one of the greatest Yankees players of all time. His impact on the franchise during his tenure was immense. And he still remains an iconic figure in the franchise’s history.

However, the former legend has off-lately been very critical of the storied franchise. Apparently, his relationship with the leadership turned sour over time. Recently, Reggie Jackson made a startling claim on the New York Yankees’ toxic work culture, which has sent shockwaves into the Yankee fanbase.


Reggie Jackson Claims That Players’ Voices Aren’t Valued At Yankees!

Hal Steinbrenner is “angry” about the state of the Yankees. Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

The New York Yankees remain out of the postseason owing to a condemning 2023 season. However, their rivals, Houston Astros, made it to the ALCS for the second time in a row. Meanwhile, prior to the Astros Game 6 vs. Texas Rangers, Reggie Jackson appeared on the Fox Sports pre-game show and pointed out the key difference between the Yanks and the Astros. To those unversed, Jackson, after being critical of his former team for a while, left the organization in 2021 to join the Astros as a special advisor to owner Jim Crane. As per the former legend, the Bronx Bombers’ work culture is flawed. He claimed that veteran’s voices aren’t heard.

Even he at times felt that his opinion wasn’t valued by the Yankees leadership group, and thus Jackson chose to part ways in 2021. Having said that, Reggie Jackson emphasized that he still takes pride in being a Yankee, and it has been an honor to be able to represent a storied franchise. However, the working culture has changed over the years, which has made the environment around the clubhouse hostile. “I’m still a Yankee, but we didn’t get a chance to be involved in some of the say-so in our opinions really didn’t get valued,” said Jackson. Reggie’s statement reflects the fact that the former Yankee players have not remained in touch with the club. Moreover, the lack of former players’ within the management also indicated that Jackson’s claims might actually be true. If that’s the case, this needs to change.

Aaron Judge Says He Has The Right Ears Listening To Feedback!

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Meanwhile, the present Yankees captain, Aaron Judge, has somewhat of a different opinion. After concluding the disastrous 2023 season, he said he has ideas for quick fixes. Not only that, the captain claimed that he would remain actively involved with the franchise’s leadership group. He will be a part of the decision-making committee.

But what’s important is that Aaron Judge says he has the right set of ears listening to his feedback. Meaning Hal Steinbrenner, Brian Cashman, and Aaron Boone remain keen on making Judge an active part of the leadership group. He will play a key role in the 2023 season analysis and will offer his ideas for solutions at the same time. While Judge’s statement might differ from Reggie Jackson’s, the circumstances surrounding both of them remain different. No one can truly understand what unfolds within the clubhouse at a given time.