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Stephen Curry was utterly heartbroken when the Sacramento Kings knocked out the Golden State Warriors in the play-in game this season. He wanted to win one more title with the Dubs and with the same group of people. Moreover, after the play-in game, during the post-game press conference, Steph told the media that he couldn’t imagine playing in the NBA without “Those two guys.” Clearly, he was talking about Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. This Dubs trio won four NBA Championships together from 2015 to 2022. 

Moreover, the three-point King told Green after the Sacramento game, “We ain’t done,” the latter revealed in his podcast The Draymond Green Show. Clearly, Stephen Curry wants the same core to stick together to win one more championship even when most of the fans believe “The Dynasty is finished.” Recently, a former NBA player made a prediction that Curry, along with LeBron James and Kevin Durant, won’t win any more NBA titles. It seems like their time is over. 


Why Steph, Bron And KD Can’t Win An NBA Championship Anymore?

Kevin Durant Stephen Curry Warriors
Kevin Durant Stephen Curry Warriors Source: ESPN

For a long time, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry have been the face of the NBA. It was quite unthinkable that they won’t play in the second round of the playoffs of any NBA season. But that’s what happened in 2024. None of those three great stars are playing in the second round of the playoffs. Recently, on the show Get Up, former NBA player Tim Legler mentioned that none of those three players will ever win any championship again. The ESPN Analyst said, “I just can’t see that happening.” Legler said Stephen Curry won’t leave the Golden State Warriors as he would want to play his final game wearing the Dubs uniform. 

Moreover, the former NBA player said that he just can’t understand how the Warriors are planning to rebuild the roster in order to win more titles. Adding to that, Legler pointed out at the teams with so many young stars who have qualified for the second round in the Western Conference playoffs. Moreover, Legler noted that all these three superstars are home now. As the first round is over, the ESPN Analyst says that LeBron, Kevin, and Stephen are watching the young guns deliver the goods after taking the stage. Moreover, Legler says the next generation of players are not just on good teams but they have entertained everybody while delivering great performances. 

Is It Right To Count Out Stephen Curry?

Stephen Curry Warriors
Stephen Curry Warriors Source: BasketUniverso

Fans believe “Anything can happen in the NBA.” In 2021, it seemed like the Dubs Dynasty was over. There were a lot of injury issues to key players like Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant was no longer a part of the Warriors. But Stephen Curry promised the Dubs Nation that something different would happen next season. He said, “You don’t wanna see us next year.” Moreover, the three-point King lived up to his expectations as he led the Warriors to win their seventh title, and it was his fourth championship victory with the Dynasty.

 Clearly, even in 2024, he is not willing to give up on the Dynasty that he built. Steph said he will be taking notes and will try hard to get back to that level as he will be watching the playoffs this year from home. Nevertheless, it is weird, at present, not to see Stephen Curry and the Warriors in the playoffs. 

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