Red Bull RB19 Max Verstappen Sergio Perez
Red Bull RB19 Max Verstappen Sergio Perez Source: Sky Sports

Red Bull has been a class apart in the last few seasons. They have won back-to-back championships. There can be a lot of reasons behind the tremendous success of the Austrian team. Moreover, they have a great racer who has been the current triple-time champion. They also have a great car designer in Adrian Newey, and the engine partners in Honda. But most of all, the difference has been the car itself this season. That’s the reason why Red Bull has been so successful.

It is because of the car. But the reigning champions are already working on the next year’s car. However, the question is if Horner’s team will use the same concept of this year’s car to build RB20 as well. But the Milton Keynes team is also wary of the restrictions and changes in the rules from the previous generations of cars. Chief engineer, Paul Monaghan of Red Bull, mentioned that it is foolish not to evolve the RB19 car for the next season.


Chief Engineer Mentioned It’s Foolish Not To Use The Same Concept In RB20

Red Bull VS Ferrari
Red Bull VS Ferrari Source: PlanetF1

Monaghan mentioned that they can’t leave the concept of the car alone because the oppositions are getting closer. In the current generation, as compared to the other eras, Red Bull feels the rules are too tight nowadays. If it was not for the rules, the Milton Keynes team could move things around and do a little bit more. But Monaghan knows that opposition teams are onto them. If the opponents take a step, Red Bull needs to take a bigger step. They would never think about giving up on the concept that made them so superior.

But Monaghan and his team will look for more lap time, as per Monaghan. Since the 2021 penalty of a 10% reduction in wind tunnel, the chief engineer of Red Bull mentioned they were more careful about wind tunnel from then on. Initially, the Milton Keynes team was not very sure about the efficiency of the car. Hence, due to the endless pursuit of efficiency, Red Bull made small improvements in the car. But they can be only sure of RB20’s potential until the next season begins. They are looking to do tests in the wind tunnel environment and in CFD for efficiency.

RB19 Helped Red Bull Claim The 2023 Title Long Before The Las Vegas GP

Max Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: Sky Sports

There are still a couple of races remaining this season. Anyway, Christian Horner’s team has won 19 races already. Indeed, a lot of credit goes to Max Verstappen for winning as many as 17 races. The Dutchman can end the season with 19 GP wins under his belt. It will be a record very hard to beat for any racer in the future in F1. But even Max knows the value of the RB19 car.

Moreover, Red Bull has been lucky to build the fastest car in the grid. Other teams have suffered mostly in the cost cap era. But almost every team has accepted the fact that RB19 is the fastest F1 car they’ve ever seen. Moreover, this car helped the Austrian team clinch both driver’s and constructor’s titles under their belt even before five races were remaining.