Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: Eurosport

Sir Lewis Hamilton has been waiting for Mercedes to provide him with the right car since 2022. The 2021 season ended with a heartbreak for the great Briton. Moreover, the seven-time champion could have won his eighth title in 2021 itself, if it was not for Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. But the worst thing for the most decorated driver in F1’s history was his team’s failure to build the right car. Since 2022, the seven-time champion has been winless. The great Briton never had a winless season in F1 before. Moreover, the Silver Arrows had their first winless season in 2023, since the last time in 2011. Last month, Lewis Hamilton turned 39.

He signed an extension for a couple of years with Mercedes last year. Despite getting very close to 40, Hamilton shows no interest to retire any time soon. But at this point, it looks very unlikely that Mercedes would be able to build a car faster than their rival, Red Bull. However, the Hamilton fans hope to see the seven-time champ win his eighth title before hanging his helmet and racing boots. Recently, Mercedes posted a blurred picture of what is supposedly their W15 car with Hamilton. However, the fans can only see a slight frown on Hamilton’s face. 


The Recent Mercedes Post Left The Fans Wondering About A Depressed Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: iNews

Lewis Hamilton and his fans faced only disappointment with the W13 and the W14 cars. These cars did not help the most successful F1 racer win a single race. Moreover, the German team managed to win a single race over two seasons. But now the fans wonder if Mercedes has fixed those issues to develop a far better car. However, in the recent Mercedes teaser on X, hinting at the new car, Lewis Hamilton looks not at all happy. In fact, Hamilton’s expression is the highlight of the post on X. Fans wonder why he looks so depressed.

Some netizens mentioned a smile on his face would have been nice. Then, again, some used the post as a meme to describe how they would feel about going to work the next day. Some other fans wished Lewis Hamilton would come out happy next winter from the car. Clearly, the new cost cap era has not been kind to Hamilton and his team. It changed the dominance in F1 upside down. Mercedes went from being an unbeatable team to a group struggling to get a win. 

Anyhow, The Williams Boss Praised The Seven-Time Champion

Lewis Hamilton James Vowles
James Vowles Lewis Hamilton Source: Sky Sports

Recently, in an interview with the High Performance podcast, the former chief strategist of Mercedes explained the greatness of Lewis Hamilton. James Vowles mentioned that Hamilton has a natural talent, comparing him with an “Octopus all over the wheel.” If he goes out in FP1, Vowles said, Hamilton would change every setting on the wheel to explore. That is why Hamilton is so incredible, feels Vowles.

Moreover, the Williams team principal called Hamilton an optimizer who uses the data as a starting ground. But Vowles added that Hamilton has a feel beyond anything else for it. The duo of Vowles and Hamilton enjoyed tremendous success in the turbo-hybrid era, winning eight consecutive constructor titles.

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