Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team made a name for itself by unleashing sheer dominance a decade ago. Not only that, but the Brackley-based team managed to retain its dominance for nearly a decade before the regulation changes were enforced in 2021. Since then, the team has witnessed an abrupt downfall.

Since the past two seasons, Mercedes have struggled to pick up wins. While George Russell delivered the lone win of the 2022 season in Brazil, in 2023, the team went winless for the first time in its recent past. Meanwhile, ahead of the crucial impending 2024 F1 season, a renowned F1 pundit pointed out reasons why the Silver Arrows fell short of excellence post-2021 season.


Martin Brundle Says Mercedes Needs To Move A Couple Of Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Right To Ensure A Comeback!


Formula One is no stranger to rule changes, and recent adjustments in regulations have impacted the competitive landscape. In an attempt to level the playing field and enhance competition, rule modifications regarding aerodynamics, engine specifications, and other technical aspects have been introduced. Meanwhile, Mercedes, previously adept at exploiting rule nuances to their advantage, now faces the challenge of adapting to a transformed F1 landscape. Since the 2021 regulation change came into the picture, the Silver Arrows fell off the winning bandwagon. Martin Brundle, a popular F1 pundit, also opines the same. In his recent column for Sky Sports, Brundle wrote that Silver Arrows are not the same force they were a couple of years ago.

And the alignment of its struggle with regulation change is no coincidence. It truly affected Mercedes’s growth. Firstly, the team messed with the W13 car concept. On top of that, the team failed to fix it the following year, which further added to the misery. Also, the personnel changes worked against the Brackley-based team. Nonetheless, the teams stand a real chance at a comeback in the near future, believes Brundle. “It’s really odd. And all it needs is a couple or three pieces of the jigsaw puzzle changing one way or the other,” added Brundle. However, Silver Arrows will have to figure out the pieces required to solve the puzzle. Undoubtedly, eight-time constructors champions are a mighty force. But they will need stars to align in their favor to produce a comeback. Overall, Brundle feels 2024 will be a big year for the team in terms of its future.

F1 Pundit Leaves Fan Guessing With Lewis Hamilton’s Plan B Remark

Lewis Hamilton
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Martin Brundle caused a massive uproar with the mention of a Plan B in his Sky Sports column. He said that if Lewis Hamilton sensed that the groundbreaking eight titles were ungettable in a reasonable time frame, he would put his plan B in motion. However, interestingly, Brundle refused to elaborate on what Plan B could mean for Mercedes.

Perhaps a change of team? Or retirement? It could be anything. The answer to his alleged Plan B lies with Martin Brundle and Lewis Hamilton himself. Nonetheless, the fans can rest assured for now, as Hamilton won’t be leaving Mercedes for the next couple of years, to say the least. The future after that hangs in the balance.