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The New York Yankees are dealing with the absence of DJ LeMahieu, their oldest member of the 40-man roster, due to a right foot fracture. Initially, Aaron Boone, the manager of the team, was thinking about giving the veteran infielder the role of the leadoff hitter. But somehow, issues with injuries never end for the NY side. Last year saw numerous injuries as the Injured List of the Bronx Bombers could not have been longer. Key players, veterans, and young players all had their names on the IL at some point. Most importantly, when Aaron Judge sustained a toe injury and missed 35 games in a row, it was a heavy blow for the Yankees.

Without their talismanic captain, the NY side could not even make the postseason. Coming back to 2024, in the Spring Training, Aaron Judge got hurt again. And this time, he got hurt in his abs. That scared the fans again. Besides Judge, another key member of the Yankees who sustained a severe injury during Spring Training was DJ LeMahieu. The veteran infielder had fractured his right foot. However, he was looking to return soon. But lately, he suffered another setback during his rehab. 


DJ LeMahieu Suffers A Setback Owing To Right Foot Soreness

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In the Spring Training, DJ LeMahieu fractured his right foot. Since then, the Yankees have already played 24 games in the 2024 season. So far, the team is really doing well. Currently, they are at the top of the American League East division. However, the return of the veteran infielder will be a great boost for their offense. Sometimes, in the ongoing season, the NY side makes the fans feel as if their offense is not completely awake. Aaron Judge had a very slow start, and so did Giancarlo Stanton. But the biggest positive for the Yankees has been the dream start of Juan Soto wearing the pinstripes. However, the team is really waiting for DJ LeMahieu to come back to the rotation stronger.

Lately, during his rehab, he just managed to play one inning for Double-A Somerset. Later, the coaching staff removed him due to soreness in his right foot. According to MLB Insider Bryan Hoch, “DJ LeMahieu will return to New York tomorrow for examination.” It is disappointing news for the team and the player himself because he was on track to return to the rotation sooner than later. Now, the team will sideline DJ until they get the results of the tests. However, the Yankees would like to maintain the good start they had this ongoing season and proceed with caution until DJ comes back.

How Can DJ’s Return Complicate Things For The Yankees?

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Initially, the 35-year-old infielder was supposed to start as the team’s leadoff hitter. Then, he sustained a right foot fracture. Later, Aaron Boone replaced DJ with Anthony Volpe and Gleyber Torres. Albeit Volpe started the season well, after 24 games, it seems both Torres and Volpe have been struggling.

Hence, Aaron Boone might not think too hard about giving DJ LeMahieu the leadoff hitter role back when he returns. However, defensively, DJ was supposed to take the place of the third baseman. But Oswaldo Cabrera has been doing really well early in the season. Hence, it might be a hard decision for Boone to make once DJ returns. 

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