The Yankees should make a strong run for Blake Snell, The Post’s Jon Heyman writes. The Yankees should make a strong run for Blake Snell, The Post’s Jon Heyman writes. USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con

The New York Yankees’ quest to bolster pitching rotation prompted them to turn to Blake Snell this off-season. Snell, a two-time CY Young awardee, remains a free agent as the San Diego Padres failed to extend him owing to financial constraints. Moreover, Snell remains a client of reputed player agent Scott Boras.

Scott Boras is responsible for the inflated free agency market. He has a tendency to influence his clients into aiming for super-expensive contracts. Thus, Blake Snell was among the many free agents who were influenced by Boras as he rejected a handsome offer made by none other than the New York Yankees.


Blake Snell Rejects Yankees Staggering Five-Year $15 Million Offer!

Yanks Go Yard

The New York Yankees remained linked to defending CY Young award-winning pitcher Blake Snell this off-season. Owing to a lack of depth in the starting rotation, the Yanks were fascinated by the idea of having two defending CY Young pitchers on the roster. Moreover, current AL CY Young awardee and Bombers ace Gerrit Cole conveyed his blessings for the move. Thus, the NYY front office decided to make an introductory offer to Snell. According to MLB reporter Mike Rodriguez, the Yankee officials offered a five-year deal worth $150 million to the acclaimed pitcher. However, the ex-Padres thrower seemingly rejected the deal as he feels he is worth much more. However, Brian Cashman was defiant to up the stakes any further as he deemed it unnecessary.

Having said that, the latest buzz is that Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s record-breaking signing with LA Dodgers fueled Blake Snell to reject New York Yankees’ Generous Offer. Yamamoto, who has never pitched in MLB, fetched the league’s most expensive contract of $325 million this offseason. In a tight battle, the Dodgers sealed Yamamoto’s services for the foreseeable 12 years. Thus, Snell believes that as a two-time CY Young-winning pitcher, he is worth way more than Yamamoto. According to industry rumors, the pitcher is unlikely to settle for anything less than a $200 million offer. Having said that, Mike Rodriguez added in his report that Snell sought either an additional year or more money to come to terms with the Yanks. However, the Bronx Bombers thought that Snell was being unreasonable and thus chose to dedicate his money to Marcus Stroman.

Yanks Pivot To Marcus Stroman After Blake Snell’s Rejection!

Marcus Stroman
The Mets’ Marcus Stroman, who hasn’t pitched this season due to a torn calf muscle, has decided opt out of the 2020 campaign due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus. (Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

The New York Yankees wasted no time locking a starting pitcher hours after Blake Snell rejected its generous introductory offer. As per Bob Nightengale of USA Today, Yanks and Stroman are in agreement for a two-year deal worth $37 million, which can turn into $55 million over three years if he pitches 140 innings in 2025.

Basically, the pitcher has a vesting option for 2025 if he meets the desired requirements. Having said that, Stroman’s acquisition came through in a dramatic turn of events. Last week, the Yankees were rumored to have declined to make an offer to Stroman owing to past history. But dynamics changed when the pitcher and GM Brian Cashman met in person in Tampa earlier this week. It’s important to note that Yanks have yet to officiate the signing as Stroman’s medicals are still pending.