Darvin Ham Anthony Davis Lakers
Darvin Ham Anthony Davis Lakers Source: ESPN

Darvin Ham has a lot of faith in Anthony Davis to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to another title. And so does the Lakers Nation, which has faith in AD. However, the previous season did not end quite end in the fashion the Lakers would have liked. But they are now moving on to the next season with a lot of enthusiasm and hope of winning the title. However, if there is something the Lakers should learn from the last season, it is the fact that they need to improve their offense. Moreover, in the Western Conference Finals last season, the best defensive side met the best attack in the league.

Eventually, the Denver Nuggets, with the best attacking duo, Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray, won the title. The LA side had no answers for the best attack. Hence, only having the best defense is not enough. Now, the ways to improve the offense is something the Lakers can learn from the Golden State Warriors. After all, the Warriors have won four titles in the last nine years. Moreover, they have Stephen Curry, who revolutionized the sport by shooting the most three-pointers. Now, that is a skill nobody can deny of being a valuable quality in a player. Moreover, the Lakers coach would like to see his players shoot more 3’s this season.


Darvin Ham Is Trying To Get The Lakers Shoot More Three-Pointers

LeBron James Darvin Ham Lakers
LeBron James Darvin Ham Lakers Source: The Sports Rush

In general, the Lakers must increase the number of three-pointers they attempt in every game. It has been a big concern for the side. Moreover, last season, the Lakers were only 25th in shooting 3s percentage. Darvin Ham knows that his team loves scoring from the paint. But the Lakers coach also knows that it is essential to shoot from downtown. Moreover, the Lakers coach told Spectrum Sports Network that they want to increase their attempts and stop relying too much on scoring from the paint. But Darvin Ham has faith in the new reconstructed team he has got.

The Lakers coach feels LBJ and AD can do some real damage from beyond the arc. Rui Hachimura and Austin Reaves are pretty good passers and readers of the defense. On top of that, they have new recruits like Gabe Vincent and Taurean Prince. Hence, Ham feels they have a good mix who are willing to score from a distance and won’t hesitate. In the last two preseason games, the Lakers proved their progress in shooting 3’s. On Saturday, against the Warriors, they attempted 38 three-pointers, and on Monday, against the Brooklyn Nets, they shot a whopping 55 3’s. It can turn out to be a positive and vital change in the Laker’s offense this season. 

Ham Wants Anthony Davis To Try And Score Six 3’s In Every Game This Season

Darvin Ham Anthony Davis Lakers
AD and Darvin Ham Lakers Source: Los Angeles Times

The Lakers may not have Nikola Jokic or Stephen Curry, who are just unbelievably good at shooting three-pointers. But they do have the famous duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Now, what can they do to improve the offense? For starters, Darvin Ham wants Anthony Davis to shoot six three-pointers in every game. After Tuesday’s practice, the Lakers coach told the media that he wants AD to score three 3’s per half on an average. Ham feels AD might not do it, but he won’t insist if he doesn’t think the eight-time All-Star is capable.

Who knows, Anthony Davis might shock Ham? Darvin Ham wants his team to be a threat on all three levels. But the main reason to worry about the eight-time All-Star is his health. Can AD play for more than 60 games this season? Moreover, the LA side might have a better chance of winning the title, with AD playing more games. Last season, the former New Orleans Pelicans forward became the spearhead of the Laker’s attack. But more importantly, he transformed the LA side into the best defense of the league in 2022-23.