Christian Wood Lakers
Christian Wood Lakers Source: Basketball Forever

The Los Angeles Lakers have been looking for a big center for a long time. Even Anthony Davis asked the front office to sign somebody who can reduce his stress level on the court. There were some options available, but Christian Wood and Bismack Biyombo were the top two contenders for the Lakers’ 14th member spot. But several players, including Anthony Davis, insisted the front office to sign Christian Wood.

Albeit, it surprisingly took a lot of time for Wood to confirm his interest in signing with the Lakers. Later, Christian Wood revealed that it was his dream to wear the purple and gold jersey. Hence, both parties are happy to sign that deal for the 14th member spot. Recently, Christian Wood dropped a hint on social media suggesting the Lakers are on their way to their 18th title.


Lakers Fans Reacted To Christian Wood’s Post With A Lot Of Excitement

Christian Wood
Christian Wood Source: NBC Sports

To this post from Wood, the Lakers Faithful and fans from all over the world reacted with a lot of craze and excitement. Some fans wrote, “All eyes on 18”. Then again, some wrote, “He’s talking about the 18th title for the Lakers.” It was pretty clear that fans can’t wait for the next season to start. Hence, some fans also wrote, “Let’s Go!” Clearly, the fans and players are eager to start their journey together in the 2023-24 season. But the fans will be wary of the Laker’s offense. The LA Lakers had a humiliating end to the last season at the hands of the Denver Nuggets.

Moreover, the eventual champions had clearly the strongest offense with the Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray duo. On the other hand, the Lakers had no answer to the balanced attack of the Nuggets. But with Christian Wood in the mix, they have a better shot to compete against the Nuggets. In the previous three seasons, Wood averaged 18.1 points along with 8.9 rebounds per contest. He attempted 50.9% two-pointers along with 38.1% three-pointers. Moreover, Wood has gained a reputation for his efficient scoring and offensive versatility.

Gabe Vincent Has No Problem In A Coming Off The Bench Role

Gabe Vincent Lakers
Gabe Vincent Lakers Source: ReportingSports

Initially, their plan was to find somebody who could play alongside Anthony Davis. After all, the eight-time All-Star has been prone to injuries ever since he debuted in the NBA. But in the last few years, these injuries have kept the big man out for several games. AD’s absence has cost his team every time. But the whole team knows how valuable Anthony Davis is to the LA side. If it were not for the former New Orleans Pelicans center/power forward, the Lakers would never make the postseason like they did last time.

Hence, the 17-time champions planned to add a player who can take some workload off the 30-year-old AD. On the other hand, the Lakers have Gabe Vincent, who came from the Miami Heat side. The Heat reached the NBA Finals last year. Gabe Vincent can prove to be an offensive power for the Lakers. But will he get a chance to be in the starting lineup? Vincent seemed hardly bothered about it. He told Sportskeeda that he’s not the coach. Darvin Ham is. The coach will decide if he gets a chance in the starting lineup. Otherwise, Gabe Vincent believes he is in the team to help them win games any way he can.