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Lewis Hamilton Ferrari Source: Motorsport Week

It is unsaid that Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull have been nothing short of fierce rivals in the last few F1 seasons. Since last season, Red Bull took over the dominance from Mercedes in the F1 grid. In the process, Hamilton went far from the chance of winning the coveted eighth title. Albeit, he came so close to winning the eighth title in 2021. If it was not for Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, Hamilton would have been an eight-time champion two years ago. But things happened differently from what Hamilton wished for.

Max Verstappen has won three back-to-back championships. Red Bull has won a couple of titles in a row. However, it was Hamilton and Mercedes who overthrew Horner and Red Bull in 2014 from the F1 crown. Eight years later, the Austrian team took it back. Lately, the Red Bull boss revealed Hamilton had wished to join them. Christian Horner stunned the F1 world, revealing that they had several talks with Lewis Hamilton about joining the team.


Did Lewis Hamilton Really Show Interest In Joining Red Bull And Ferrari?

Lewis Hamilton Christian Horner
Lewis Hamilton Christian Horner Source: Sky Sports

Recently, in an interview with Daily Mail, Horner mentioned Hamilton asked if he could join the Red Bull team right before he signed a two-year extension with Mercedes. Christian Horner said Hamilton asked if there was any interest in signing him. But the Red Bull boss can’t see Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen working together. Horner feels the dynamic won’t be right. Moreover, the Red Bull boss is more than happy with the drivers they’ve got at present. But the breaking news is that Hamilton did reach out to Horner and his team.

Clearly, Lewis Hamilton is eager to win his eighth title, and he doesn’t see Mercedes helping him get there. Moreover, Christian Horner mentioned Lewis Hamilton had serious talks with Ferrari bosses as well. The Red Bull boss thought around the Monaco Grand Prix, Lewis talked to the Ferrari chairman, John Elkann, about moving to the Italian team. Hence, Horner guesses that Hamilton also talked to Fred Vasseur. But Horner is certain that the seven-time champion talked to Elkann.   

Perhaps Hamilton Is Afraid That Mercedes Might Not Be Able To Help Him Win His Eighth Title

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: iNews

On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton has been winless for the last two years. He had never had such a long losing streak before. Moreover, prior to 2022, he never went winless in any season. There is a reason why the seven-time champion is the only driver in F1 history to win more than 100 Grand Prix. Moreover, he has got stuck with 103 wins. It is very difficult to say when he will win his 104th Grand Prix. The way the Mercedes car has been performing since last year, it is highly doubtful if Hamilton win again driving a Mercedes car.

Perhaps he might look for other powerhouses like Ferrari and even the arch-rivals Red Bull to provide him with the championship-winning car. But it is also highly unlikely that Hamilton will join hands with Christian Horner and Max Verstappen. It will be an epic move if Hamilton partners Max Verstappen in the near future. After all, considering their epic rivalry.