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Christian Horner has been the head of Red Bull Racing in Formula 1 for a long time. But recently, former F1 champion Nico Rosberg shared some surprising things about the person who holds the team together. This special person is Helmut Marko, who is like the glue that keeps the team strong. He makes sure that key team members like Horner and Adrian Newey stay, even when other teams try to take them away. Let’s find out how Marko’s efforts have shaped the success of Red Bull Racing in the world of Formula 1.

Rosberg Reveals Surprising Information about Christian Horner 

Nico Rosberg, known for being direct and honest, recently shared some surprising details about Christian Horner’s role within the Red Bull Racing team. Rosberg pointed out that Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has been the driving force behind keeping important team members, like Horner and top designer Adrian Newey, loyal to the team. Even when other teams tried to steal them away. Rosberg didn’t stop there; he talked about a controversial incident where comments were made about Sergio Perez’s background affecting his performance. 

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This incident led to people suggesting that Marko should retire, and there were rumors of tension between Horner and his older colleague. The former F1 champion also mentioned that Horner had talked with Ferrari not too long ago. This indicates that Marko played a big role in keeping important people on the team. Rosberg also pointed out that Red Bull had successfully kept Adrian Newey from going to other teams by offering him a big contract. Newey’s work has been a big part of the team’s success.

Horner Addresses Team Issues 

Despite all the talk and rumors, Christian Horner said there were no problems within the Red Bull Racing team. He said that he and Helmut Marko have had a strong working relationship since they first met in 1996. This partnership helped build the team’s success. Horner also acknowledged that after Red Bull Racing’s founder, Dietrich Mateschitz, passed away, there were changes in the team’s dynamics. He said the company needed to adjust and position itself differently without its charismatic leader. Talking about his relationship with Marko, Horner said they had different roles in the team. Horner takes care of everyday operations, while Marko works on the team’s strategy. 

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Christian Horner’s comments mark the latest escalation of a furious row over Mercedes’ struggles with porpoising CREDIT: REUTERS/Hamad I Mohammed

Even though they had different opinions and misunderstandings, Horner said the team’s structure and atmosphere were good. Horner also addressed the story about a disagreement with Marko from Brazil. He said it was blown out of proportion and that he and Marko have a strong working relationship. Marko hired Horner as the team principal in 2005, and their relationship hasn’t changed since then. Christian Horner’s leadership and Helmut Marko’s strategic input have been the driving force behind Red Bull Racing’s impressive success. While there may be rumors and controversies, the team remains as strong as ever. With Max Verstappen’s dominant performances and a new partnership with Ford on the horizon, one thing is clear: Red Bull Racing is a strong force in Formula 1.