Carlos Rodón turned his back on pitching coach Matt Blake during a mound visit on Friday night.AP

Starting pitcher Carlos Rodon’s inaugural season in the Bronx just got worse during his last start of the year. After witnessing turmoil on the mound for the most half of the season, Rodon wanted to finish on a high. Instead, he ended up pitching one of the worst starts in MLB’s recent history, let alone the New York Yankees.

Carlos Rodon turned up on the mound to pitch against the Kansas City Royals, wherein he got shelled completely. He ended up leaking as many as eight runs in the first inning without recording a single out across 35 pitches. If that wasn’t enough, the pitcher’s awful antics toward the Yankees pitching coach further landed him in huge trouble.


Carlos Rodon Remorseful Of His Actions Towards Matt Blake, Confirms Yankees Skipper!

Carlos Rodon
Carlos Rodon reacts after walking Logan Porter in the first inning of the Yankees’ 12-5 loss to the Royals. Getty Images

As Carlos Rodon was getting hammered on the mound by the hands of Royals hitters, the New York Yankees pitching coach rushed in to calm the pitcher down. Matt Blake’s job is to offer help to a struggling pitcher. That’s exactly what he rushed for. However, Rodon wasn’t in a mood to hear it. When Matt reached out to him with a word of advice, the pitcher seemingly turned his back on the coach. He appeared disinterested as the coach kept on speaking regardless. It seemed a clear case of disrespect as the team manager, Aaron Boone, took notice of it. He called Rodon into his office after the game to demand an explanation. However, by that time, the left-hander had already learned his lesson.

Aaron Boone confirmed via Gary Phillips of the NY Daily News Sports that Carlos Rodon indeed apologized to Matt Blake after the game. He seemed remorseful and offered an unconditional apology. While his actions looked disrespectful, Rodon had no intentions of any sort. He was just frustrated with his own performance, and it accidentally spilled over the coach, which is unfortunate. Regardless, Carlos Rodon later admitted his wrongdoing in front of the media and said that he was not in his right mind and Blake didn’t do anything to deserve that treatment. “Really embarrassing. That’s on me,” added Rodon. Having said that, Boone confessed that had it occurred a little earlier this season, the pitcher would have faced consequences. But for now, the team will let it slide.

Matt Blake Breaks Silence On Carlos Rodon’s “Disrespect” Incident!

Matt Blake
Credit: Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Meanwhile, Yankees pitching coach Matt Blake addressed the matter for the first time on Sunday. He said that Carlos Rodon’s actions were understandable but not ideal at the same time. He understands the pitcher’s frustration completely. But that does not give him the license to act the way he wants to. There must be a line on how you conduct yourself in the field.

“He’s frustrated. That’s a big part of it. There’s a remorseful side and an apologetic side to it, but you can’t act like that,” said Matt Blake. The coach was deeply disappointed but refused to speak anything against the pitcher. He said that on the field, emotions run high during challenging times, and with Rodon, it happens more frequently. But that is also what makes him a great force on the mound.