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Aaron Judge did not have a great start as the Captain of the New York Yankees. Moreover, the New York franchise failed to make the postseason. It is a tremendous shame for a team that has a history of winning 27 World Series championships. In 2022, Judge was in a superb touch as he broke the World Record for most home runs in a single season. However, he could not play as many as he would have liked this season due to injuries.

Moreover, the NY side faced too many injury issues to key players in 2023. It has not been a good season, especially in terms of the Injured List for the Yankees. Moreover, many fans blame the manager Aaron Boone. Anyhow, the record home run slugger believes they will bounce back strongly next season. Anyhow, the Yankees captain is looking for motivation for the next season. Meanwhile, he joined hands with Tom Brady and Jayson Tatum. He surprised the fans while doing that. But why?


Aaron Judge Wants To Shake Up The Yankees Organization As They Look Forward To The Next Season

Aaron Judge Tom Brady Jason Tatum
Aaron Judge Tom Brady Jason Tatum Source: Yahoo

Recently, in an interview, the 16th Yankees captain mentioned he must take a lot of steps and discuss how to get things rolling this offseason. After all, they got an extra month this season, with the offseason starting in October. Aaron Judge has started a new partnership with Make-A-Wish and Fanatics, along with Tom Brady and Jayson Tatum. Recently, the founder of Fanatics, Michael Rubin, told the Post that he called these iconic sports stars personally to fulfill the wishes of nine kids with serious illnesses. It does not get bigger than these legends of their respective games.

Apparently, Brady retired from the NFL last February. On the other hand, Tatum is about to begin the new season and Judge joined this one-of-a-kind partnership. Rubin is also pretty close to these sports icons. And that has helped in bringing them to the Barclays Center. These kids left a pretty strong impression on Aaron Judge. According to the Yankees captain, his inner strength lies with these kids. These kids are in so much pain and fighting so hard. But still, they never forget to show the world a bright smile. Hence, Aaron Judge believes if the kids can be so strong and work so hard, so can the Yankees. Can they rise up when their backs are against the wall?

New York Yankees Are All Set To Sign Juan Soto

Juan Soto Yankees
Juan Soto Yankees Source: Hudson Reporter

After a terrible 2023 season, the Yankees are in dire need of motivation to make some drastic changes to win it all next season. In the meantime, the NY side is looking to improve their roster, filling in glaring gaps. The Bronx Bombers have their eyes set on Juan Soto, a highly touted player. Even after the Yankee’s dreams got shattered this season, Aaron Judge told the New York Post that they’ll bounce back better than ever in 2024.

Judge knows that it is not a great feeling not playing in October. But the 16th Captain of the Yankees says they are looking to have a great offseason. They are looking to motivate themselves in the offseason for the next season. Juan Soto is a pretty good prospect, but the rumor around him joining the Yankees is still swirling.