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CHECKOUT: Austin Reaves’ Latest Gesture Towards LeBron James Screams Immense Respect!

Austin Reaves has a lot of respect for LeBron James. However, he has always been a Kobe Bryant and a Lakers fan since his childhood. It was the dream of the Oklahoma Sooners kid to play for the Los Angeles Lakers someday. He got his big break in 2021. Soon, Reaves caught the attention of LeBron James and the front office for his incredible basketball IQ. In his sophomore year, AR became a fan favorite. He became the third most essential player on the roster after LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Currently, Reaves is having a great time in the Philippines, representing Team USA in the FIBA World Cup. He is getting a lot of love from the fans and the crowd in Manila. Recently, a fan wrote in a poster that AR is greater than LeBron James after a game between Team USA and Greece. In an interview with Sportskeeda, AR shared his thoughts on that poster, saying he appreciates that, but it is not very realistic.


What Does AR Think About The Comparison With King James?

Austin Reaves LeBron James Lakers
Austin Reaves LeBron James Lakers Source: The Rookie Wire – USA Today

After all, LBJ is the greatest ever, as per Reaves. However, the Oklahoma Sooners kid sure wants to bring that up in the conversations with LeBron James in the next season. Austin Reaves mentioned he would have fun with it. Moreover, he is really enjoying all the love and attention he is getting from the fans in the World Cup. But Reaves mentioned that he did not talk with James about the poster yet. He can’t wait to talk about that with James. But he feels LBJ is pretty active on social media. Perhaps James is aware of that poster. However, some fans presume that Reaves must be recruiting in the World Cup for the Lakers team.

Austin Reaves told ESPN that he would never do that, and if somebody asks him about LA, he replies the weather is good, and that is it. Moreover, the front office believes Austin Reaves is the future of the Lakers team in the absence of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. They would like to build a team around Reaves in the future. Hence, they extended the Oklahoma Sooners kid’s contract for another four years worth of $56 million. However, as long as LeBron James is around, there is only one King. Moreover, Austin Reaves really respects that idea. Recently, in an interview, Austin Reaves mentioned that LeBron James is the greatest player ever.

Austin Reaves Has Always Got LBJ’s Back

LeBron James Austin Reaves Lakers
LeBron James Austin Reaves Lakers Source: SBNATION

Previously, in the regular season of AR’s second year, he replied to Patrick Beverley’s “Too short” gesture towards LeBron James. A similar situation occurred between Reaves and Russell Westbrook as well in a game between the Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers. Later, LeBron James told the media, “AR has always got my back. Albeit, he supported Kobe back in our rivalry days.”

All jokes aside, the Lakers Nation is happy to see the chemistry between LeBron James, the master, and Austin Reaves, the student. Moreover, the fans will hope to see them win championships together. The master and the student must work in total harmony as the fans expect them to win the title next year.