Cubs right-hander Marcus Stroman has put together seven quality starts in eight outings this season. File photo.Getty

The New York Yankees had a great pitching department last season. However, that did not help them make the postseason. Moreover, the team finished with an 82-80 record. It was a tremendous shame as the fans were hoping to see their favorite team make it to the “Big Dance.” On top of that, several players in their 40-member roster were either injured or just did not contribute enough to the cause of the team over the years. That’s why the 27-time champions pledged to make some significant changes this winter. Moreover, they released six players initially, including Domingo German and Franchy Cordero. Later, they had to release more pitchers and catchers to bolster their outfield.

Moreover, to land the best offensive player in the league, Juan Soto, the Yankees had to trade some of their valuable pitchers, like Michael King and Drew Thorpe. Initially, the AL East team that had a pretty good and deep bullpen, started to face a worsening pitching situation. Moreover, they narrowly missed out on signing the Japanese ace pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto. Lately, the Yankees have landed Marcus Stroman for two years. Recently, some experts of NJ Advance Media discussed if the current starting rotation of the Pinstripes looks risky or elite.


What Do Beat Writers Feel About Yankees 5-Deep Rotation?

Carlos Rodon Yankees
Carlos Rodon Yankees Source: NBC Sports

NJ Advance Media’s Max Goodman believes the five-deep starting staff of the NY side is full of discrepancy. Goodman finds it highly unpredictable in terms of the starting pitcher group’s ceiling and floor. Moreover, Goodman says the Yankees rotation has more or less five All-Star starting pitchers. Apparently, the pitching rotation looks good, but what version of each of them the team will get is very unpredictable. Moreover, columnist Bob Klapisch feels Max Goodman is right in his assessment. Bob added that Yankees need fortune to favor them so that they can claim they have a stellar rotation. Anyway, looking at the lineup fans can say that it is great with limitless upside.

But Bob said a lot will depend on how Carlos Rodon performs this year. Moreover, the Yankees paid a lot of money for Rodon in the previous free agency. Then, there’s Nestor Cortes with an unpredictable health situation. But the newest addition, Marcus Stroman, is another intriguing signing. What does the Yankees expect from him is still quite unclear. But Bob thinks it is a good gamble. As per the NJ Advance Media discussion, it seems Stroman is ready emotionally and physically to pitch in the Bronx. 

Only Time Can Tell How Close These Beat Writers Could Touch Upon

Gerrit Cole Yankees
Gerrit Cole Yankees Source: CBS Sports

Another beat writer Randy Miller mentioned he spoke to a veteran MLB Scout about the American League’s top rotations. The MLB scout ranked all 15 AL rotations. Miller says the scout ranked the NY side number two behind the Seattle Mariners. However, Miller pointed out that these rankings were before the Stroman signing.

Anyway, Miller feels if he goes through all the MLB rotations, he can come up with major doubts. Anyway, Miller agrees that it is undeniable that Yankees have great starters with four All-Starters, including, Clarke Schmidt in the rotation. Moreover, Gerrit Cole is one of the best in the league. Hence, there is hope for the Bronx Bombers.